The "ESS" technique = best of all...?

“ESS” for “Extented Subconscious Stimulation”.


I’m quite moved because what I’m going to explain is so important. Maybe we hold the Holy Grail of techniques. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions if I’m not clear enough.

This technique, until now, hasn’t failed one single time. But I don’t dare qualify it as “infallible” 'cause once would be enough to… Well. You need to know two other things before I begin to explain the protocol. First:

â— This technique does not require a good oneiric memory! It generates dreams with a good/excellent vividity!
â— Secondly, with this technique, lucid dreams often come in bunches!

Now, the protocol.

  1. After a wake-up…
  2. Stay in bed and ABOVE ALL, do not fall back to sleep! Not now.
  3. Wait for At least twenty minutes.
  4. For these twenty minutes (or more), you’ll imagine a scenario, a movie staging yourself from a first-person perspective. This is very important. Eventually, you can chain together a number of scenes which have no relationship with each other.

→→→ First-person perspective. â†â†â†
→→→ Do not fall back to sleep. You must stand at least 20 minutes. Extented Subconscious Stimulation. â†â†â†

  1. For these twenty minutes and while you’re imagining this scenario, you will regularly think of lucid dream.
  2. You go back to sleep!

As simple as that. This technique is way easy.

I practice lucid dreams since 2009. I stopped counting soon after the 1000th, I think I have reached the 2000th or I’m really not far from them. And, yet, this technique is revolutionizing my life.

I hope a lot of people down here will test it.

Maybe we find ourselves at the dawn of a major change, for the lucid dreamers community.

The good thing about this method is even if you don’t achieve a LD, you are VERY likely to incubate a dream of your choice. :thumbs:

Moogle, you tried the technique?

I intend to try it. Just a matter of remembering when I wake during the night. :eh:


RZ, thanks for sharing your technique

Question: Do you watch your alarm clock to keep track of time?
(What happens when you fall asleep within 20 minutes?)

Hello, Majah, thanks to you!

Do you watch your alarm clock to keep track of time?


(What happens when you fall asleep within 20 minutes?)

The technique can still work. Just last night, I fell asleep after only a few minutes and I had two lucid dreams. But these ones have been much less lucid than usual.

… the subconscious stimulation has not been long enough.


I have rewritten the protocol (more clearly):

[b]-After a wake-up…
-Remain conscious, about twenty minutes at a minimum.
-For these twenty minutes or more: imagine a scenario, a “movie” staging yourself from a first-person perspective. You also can chain together a number of scenes which have no relationship with each other.
-Still for these twenty minutes (or more): think of lucid dream regularly.

-Fall asleep![/b]

This sounds a lot like WILD? or is WILD a method, and ESS a technique of WILD? Now that I’m thinking about it, I think that’s the case… I’ve been trying WILD for a bit and I think I’m going to make my 3:30 alarm sound a guided LD visual meditation about 20 minutes long, and not move at all when I wake up. Just doing the meditation until I’m back in a dream.

Has anyone tried this? I’ve gotten close to WILD and some truly weird things start happening… Can’t wait to get one under my belt!

Hi, William! :smile:

The ESS is not a technique of WILD, but of DILD. You need to lose consciousness.

:happy: Never tried this! Keep us informed!!

But how are we supposed to stay awake for 20 minutes? I always fall asleep within a few minutes :meh:

Yeah I m also wondering how to stay awake such a long time. Is sitting alright?
Usually when I try SSILD which is also a really strong technique, I fall asleep after less than 2 minutes eventhough you are supposed to do the technique for some 10 minutes…
Also keeping track of time is quite hard for me I guess.
Nevertheless I will try this week and post my success (if it s really that good :grin:

Anybody still trying this tech out? RZ? How is it going?

Well I tried last night.

I woke up at 1:30 naturally after my first dream cycle I went to the toilets to poor some water on my face to wake a little bit up and went back to bed. I stayed in a semi sitting position and tried to stay awake some 20 minutes. I probably only managed some 12min and then felt asleep shortly a few minutes and woke up to keep trying antother 5 minutes. Big Fail

The dream that I think followed had no relation whatsoever with my simulation/incubation.

I had a great event the night before my try, but I didn t think about it that much during my simulation.
Maybe I had a really short LD in the night but I am not sure at all and this part is really super blurry.
Not sure what was wrong

I am going to try this tonight! :smile:

Has any one else had any success stories with this method?

I had this lucid dream the first time I tried this technique.

this sounds like a technique of MILD (which i suppose is itself a technique of DILD). in the classic MILD you imagine yourself in a recent dream and picture yourself becoming lucid in it before falling back asleep. but in ESS you can use any scenario while thinking about becoming lucid, and it specifies a long time period before falling asleep.

i think MILD is a very underrated method. it has a good success rate according to research. yet i have not seen many variations or extensions of it, certainly not like WILD which has popular appeal despite its difficulty.

i think exploring different and extended MILD techniques is a great idea, and plan to try this :smile:

If it interests anyone, which it probably doesn’t, I’d endorse this. I have only ever used the most vanilla, classic MILD technique. Supported by waking work, of course, in which I train myself to recognize dream signs and practise habitual checkpoints such as door frames.

This technique is pretty much a MILD with the emphasis on a focused and extended visualisaion step - which has always been the most important step for me, anyway. I am not Mantra Man. So what this thread calls “ESS” is more or less the extent of my night-time technique. It’ll get you lucid, I’m pretty sure, but making those dreams coherent, purposive and fully absorbing is work you’ll do before your head hits the pillow.

I occasionally try a WILD or something else for fun, but really this is all you ever need.

Its good to hear how successful visualization is and has been for other lucid dreamers; it motivates me to keep at it! :content:

Just to be clear, what do you mean by “staging a movie” in first person…is it just envisioning yourself becoming lucid and lucid dreaming? Or is there more to it?

I’ve going a bit through a dry spell even though I used to be able to get tons of LDs a week. I think it’s just stress. But I’ll give this one a try tonight and will report back tomorrow.

I find it really good in the sense that even if It doesn’t work at least there’s a big chance a WILD will start to occur due to the staying still and keeping yourself awake.