The FA topic - Part II

I hate these things! Almost every time I get lucid I have a FA and it ends my lucidity!

I think it’s a good idea to not only stay calm and stabilise your dream during lucidity, but also to remind yourself to be aware of FA’s. Or even demand that an FA won’t happen.

I’ve had two major false awakeings that I can remember.

One was after a dream that I wanted to record. I wrote it all down in my DJ and went back to sleep. However, when I woke up that morning, none of it was there. I realized then I had a FA.

The other was less realistic. I “woke up” to my dad babbling and my room llooked different. This led me too a RC, which in turn led me to an LD.

FA-s facinate me! I love how there are two poles: Really Realistic to Non- Realistic and also in-between.

That is how I realise I have FAs now. I look at my notebook expecting to see the dreams I had written earlier and they aren’t there! FAs must be more common than people think :eh:

Hello all!

In the morning today, i think i had a false awakening… My alarm clock which has no battery in it suddenly started ringing and i tried to find the button to shut it down, took a while but i found it.

Then somebody stepped in to my room, and left a short while after… I never opened my eyes.

Either it was a visit from the other side, or a False Awakening :razz: Decide for yourself.

Either way, it was not a dream, i really felt the alarm clock.

Ive like…never had an FA since ever. & i can remember dreams back to when i was 8 or so.

But like…the last fortnight, ive started to get them. 2.
The only 2 ive ever had :confused:

Hmm. Well I always get them if i do a RC, then try again to check. It either actually wakes me up… or it gives me an FA. Atleast it may be an FA. Meh.

I just had one last night!!

I “woke” up, walked down stairs and looked at my hand, it was itchy and had lots of bug bites and was really red. I remember thinking “must’ve been a spider”.

When I really woke up, I shot my hand up to inspect it. :tongue:

I remember having a series of 6 or 7 FA’s in a row. It was very odd and so realistic. My room was exactly as it is and it was even bright in my room (I thought that in dreams the lighting varies very little) like it would be in the mornings when I wake up. I got up and spotted I had one new phone (My old phone was broken at the time and I was looking forward to getting a new one). I was so happy that I began to doubt the fact that it is possible. I looked at the digital clock on the phone and the numbers looked normal. I looked back yet again, and the numbers had become scrambled. I realized I was dreaming, then had another FA. I got out of my bed, and this time I had 2 new phones. I did a quick RC again to realize I was still sleep.
This process continued until in my final dream when I looked at the clock it was counting down from 10. I was frightened, and when it struck 0 I woke up.

It was almost like I COULDN’T wake up.

In my most recent lucid dream, I started out in a room (not lucid) with Stephen LaBarge :ding: that had a whole bunch of bunkbeds on the wall. he gave me a hypodermic needle that had some sort of device attached to it, and told me to stick it in my arm when the right radio signals were being sent to it. I waited, and when I knew the signals were being sent, I put it in my arm and let the fluid go in. I laid down on the bunkbed and suddenly my arm felt bloated, and it spread until it put me to sleep. I saw colors, and then suddenly I was standing in a treehouse. I had had a (fake) WILD! I was lucid. I tried to take off and fly, but something was holding me down, so I say “heck!” and crashed the ground around me so I was standing on an infinitely tall pillar in empty space, which I jumped off of to fly.
After while of lucid adventure, I sat down at a computer and decided to try something different to get where I wanted, so I typed in my destination. Then I heard my dad’s voice, and he was saying, “Wake up!” (in the dream, not in RL) so I had a FA and woke up in the middle of a party, where my dad led me to my sister, who told me I had to share a bag of candy with her. :cry:

I think i had a false awakening toda as well! it was really weird cuz i heard my alarm go off and i looked at my phone and had seen that i had gotte a weird text almost gibberish. then my alarm rang again and i woke up for real. i checked my phone and there were no messages so it had to have been a false awakening! it was pretty tweaky!

I had two, from the same dream, no less!

It was like this: ND > LD > FA > ND > LD > ND > LD > FA
Note that all the dreams in there are one and the same. I re-entered in twice after “waking up”. I’ve got them recorded in my Dream Journal (my notebook), I’ll write them down in my DJ on LD4all now.

I had an experience in my ND last night where I was trying to go to sleep in my dream and actually started having HI… then I realized in my dream sleep that I was still conscious and tried to hang on but something in my dream room woke me up and then I had a FA where I thought that I had almost had a LD!
But it wasnt until much later in this dream that I actually realized I was dreaming… and my dream sign at that moment was that I was holding my most beloved kitty Ginger that sadly ran away a couple weeks ago…
(I still have hope that she’ll return!)
I very briefly became lucid and felt a little rushed to take advantage of my lucidity… and then aggghh I woke up for real!!
SoO close :razz:

anyone know why people have FA’s? ive had one and it was just like RL. im curoious why our minds play tricks on us

In most dreams we do something that we’re used to. Like eating, going to school/work, shopping, etc.

We wake up almost every day of our lives. Hence why we would dream about it.

I just realized that I have always had FA’s! I hate them! It would always be after I hit the snooze button, and I must think I wake up, then I dream I get dressed and everything, and then I really wake up and realize I still have to get dressed and all that, ugh!

I had this FA once, were i “woke up”, got dressed, ran to my bus stop, and got ran over by the bus as it was leaving the stop. Then I actually woke up, and realized it was saturday :content:

I had my first FA today. I just woke up in the middle of the night, and I realized that the dream I had before was an LD (A very poor one; but I knew I was sleeping, so it still counts, right? Right…?) so I went back to bed.
When I really woke up, I was like: oh my god I just had an LD! It only lasted a couple of seconds, but anyway…

I noticed I tend to have more FAs in periods of stress than when I can just relax and decide for myself what to do.

I had one last week. I ‘woke up’ in my room, looked at the left side of me, when I saw an enormous spider crawling towards me from behind my computer. Suddenly it changed direction, looked for a save place behind the television and started pulling random wrapped up bugs towards itself with sticky wires. I was incredibly scared, when I realised the television was turned off. “pfew,” I said to myself, “fortunately no-one has to turn off the telly then and risc his/her hand with coming too close of the spider’s range.”

When I really woke up right after, I actually doubted if I had dreamt it, or if there really was a spider there. xD Then I saw the telly on stand-by and realised it was a FA because I saw it was turned off before. Silly tricks the mind plays on usss.

A few days ago I had my first FA, or I think it was one anyway. I do not really remember waking up, but while lying in bed it suddenly dawned on me I was dreaming.

Last night, I had a series of FAs, many that lead onto LDs.

I woke up from a ND, realized I was dreaming, then woke up again. Angelina Jolie and I were doing inception-style lucid dreaming induction (but I did not realize I was dreaming), whereby I woke up again, this time lucid. I lost it and woke up for real.
I decided to try get back to sleep. I had a random series of scenes in a ND, then suddenly someone gave me a piece of paper which turned me lucid again… However I felt I was losing it so I started scrunching up the piece of paper, as I knew that it didn’t exist in WL. I thought I had woken up in bed, but then I realized the piece of paper was still in my hands o_O. Then I had a short but vivid LD, after which I woke up for real again.

I thought this was interesting because I seem to get lucid by FAs but only suddenly after never knowing of having any FAs… and furthermore for some reason it seems like my subconscious is actually trying to get me lucid. I mean, inducing a lucid FA within a ND and then giving me a lucid-inducting piece of paper in a ND o_O…

I find it quite intriguing and entertaining, but it is slightly unnerving as I read somewhere that after you have an FA, you’re much more likely to have a lot from now on.

So basically if you can randomly have False Awakenings, does that mean you should make it a routine to always check your surroundings everytime you wake up?

I remember I had a FA a few years ago when I was taking a nap, where I was walking around the apartment and everything felt 100% real, and then I suddenly found myself waking up again.
So maybe it is a good idea to do Reality Checks every single time you wake up? :eh:

I had my third FA 2 days ago. It still scary for me tho