The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members)

Nah, you’re English is fine. You’ve definitely gota good point on ND’s (hence me including it in the guide). So many people discount them but I’ve had some amazing adventures in them. It’s like I was saying before, starting out by building DR and learning to RC all the time is the best way to go. Getting used to your dreams and used to spotting them is a valuable tool. Techniques such as WILD and MILD need to have this skill, but too many people want to jump straight to instant LD’s.

I’m happy we think the same way about this. :razz:

Younger, I’ve tried something similar to WILD because I really wanted to do OBEs (or astral projections) and let me tell you, after months of trying, I still failed xD. Discovering LDs on the internet, I knew i shouldn’t do the same mistakes. (I also knew that if I failed making a lucid dream, I would still have an amazing experience of having an ND.)

Most of people enjoy dreams and find them fun, Lucid Dreams are ways to make it even more fun, but not to make normal dreams something boring. If you find your NDs awesome now, you should still find them awesome after dozens of LDs IMO. Dreams are dreams. :smile:

Yes. Most of my LD’s take place on Saturday morning after a long sleep after the school week is finished. And i notice that nights with less hours of sleep have less dreamrecall and LD’s.

Hey there.

Beautyful forum. :smile: I’ve been looking for such a place for a long time.
I know about lucidity for I don’t know, more then 5 years I guess… With me it was just like described in the first post. A couple of days/weeks of “training” and then nothing for a while. and over and over again. I realy don’t know how many times i have tried and failed. Had some ocasional LD’s which I couldnt even recal propperly. Tough times. :smile:
But lets say it was about 3 months since I decided (and this time for real) to start the journey once again and walk all the way.
Now I’m writting a DJ, sometimes only a few words, sometimes nothing and rarely also a couple of pages. My DR is weak but still better then nothing. I’m RCing all the time, besides that, I have even had a LD and it was pretty amazing… Could’nt recal it all the way and the percentage of my lucidity was pretty poor, but I’m still glad I had it… :happy:
Now I’m trying out all sorts of different techniques, but wasn’t successful with any of them (besides that one time, i had a MILD). I don’t realy know how to do a successful “training” programe, so I guess im stucked somewhere in the semi-dreaming hell… Hehe.
Well I will gladly accept any tips or tricks from any dreamer, and maybe if I get lucky, I would love to get/meet/work with a dream mentor…

Sorry for all the grammar mistakes, but this “window” I having a prety fun time teasing me… :happy:

A snowy greet from Slovenia.

Hey manplant :welcome:

It’s hard to say how i achieve lucidity and how i recall my dreams. Rhewins post sums it up pretty good. The only thing i can think of right now is Don’t try too hard.

A technique that I’ve been successful with lately is DEILD or Chaining. It’s a bit similar to WILD but you induce it right after waking up from another dream. Look it up :smile:


There is one thing bothering me about DEILD. How can I write down my dream if I’m not “alowed” to move?

Well, with DEILD you technically wouldn’t be done dreaming. You’d be chaining one dream to another, so you’d write it down once you have completely finished. If you feel you can’t get back into a dream after a while, go ahead and stop to write and then go back.

As with WILD, the suggestion to not move doesn’t completely effect teh outcome, but it will make it much easier to slip back into a dream. For instance, if you have to swallow or you’re in a very uncomfortable position, it would probably be ok to move. You just don’t want to completely wake yourself up.

Great Post! It is very helpful!

Just as Rhewin said, write down the dream(s) after the DEILD-session.

I didn’t write down what the abbreviation for DEILD because i thought we had an acronym for it but apparently not. It’s Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream.

Great post, Rhewin! :cheesy: (don’t know why this smilie, but it felt right)

One thing that really helped me when I started out (actually, I should do it more often now a days) is focus on the positive. I’d have a night without a LD and instead of thinking over and over on “aw, bummer, no LD” I would get the best part of the night and focus mainly on that. Anything from HI or SP would do. Or even better DR or hearing/remembering sound from a ND, or smell. Anything really.

Exactly, mattias! It took me a few months to figure out that a night without LD’s still had it’s own rewards. Being able to remember intense details, or just interesting dreams that resulting from failed WILD/VILD attempts is now enough to get me by :content:

you mean i can move a little when i WILD?

The reason we say to avoid movement is so that your body can “fall asleep” or go into SP faster. If you move without thinking, you’ll prolong the process but it won’t ruin it. The thing that ruins it is thinking “CAN’T MOVE… CAN’T SWALLOW… MUST NOT MOVE!!!”

If you have an itch, or you’re uncomfortable, or you need to swallow, fix it! Just don’t devote a lot of thought to it. Do it naturally like you do when you’re awake.

Now, once you’re in a comfortable position you should try to ignore what we call “roll over signals.” They are a way for your SC to test whether you are awake or not. If you don’t roll over, your body will fall asleep faster so you don’t have to keep your mind aware as long. The longer you make it, the more difficult it can become.

All of this varies from person to person, so it is important for yu to experiment some and see what works best for you :content:

that was a great post, it really got me thinking. well my first goal i set which is right now is to really increase my DR. so i am starting a dream journal and im not really trying to LD as much as increasing my DR. Ive been looking at the guides they seem pretty helpful. :woah:

I would say this can be very helpful, by the way, sorry that I just didnt use the Search option, because it doesnt work for me. (DSi Browser and such)

P.S. Why the hell did I wrote Rhewin as the Username?! Does my subconcious want me to hack you? Nah, I`m probably just tired, good night everybody I guess…

Glad it helped. And the question is, is your SC trying to hack my account, or is my SC trying to hack you???

Quite helpful. If I start on think in giving up I’ll read this topic :content:

Firstly, i’d like to introdice myself. My name is Jacco van Eijk and I live in the netherlands, I’m 13 years old and this is my first post here on ld4all. I started looking up info after having an accidental LD a couple days ago. Well, I’m not sure it was really a LD, but at one point, I was like " 'bout time to wake up now", and then I woke up, so I must have realized I was dreaming, right? :wink: So this topic really helped me realize I should’nt expect to have an LD on my second night or something. I know there are the lucky ones, but they are rare (too bad, right? :grrr: ) So anyway, I’m going to start writing a DJ tonight (friday 11th Feb 2011), and as you said I might not have an LD for a long time, so until that and after I start getting LD’s i’ll enjoy remembering my ND’s. Gotta go to bed now, see you later! :smile:

I’ll have to remember to read it, looking forward to it!

All right, so yesterday I posted my first reply here, in which I introduced myself and said I was going to start training DR that night. Well, I read the ’ remember’ section in the Guide, wrote the tips down and tried them out. And guess what: 2 dreams! Like, i was amazed, because usually (i.e: when I don’t put any effort in it) I remember like 1 dream in 2 weeks, So i’ll just say to all newcomers like me: Check out the guide: it works! So i’m going to keep using those tips and when I remember at least 1 dream a night for like 5 days, i’ll start trying to get LD’s.

Looking forward to it! :thumbs: