The most annoying false awakening...

So I’m new to this site and I just wanted to say awesome job :smile:

Well ok, so here’s a normal dream but the most annoying false awakening.

I was sitting in a gift shop with my friend Brittany and in comes a Kangaroo and he sits and starts talking to us, after a long conversation he lifts his arms and says, “It’s 5’oclock somewhere!” And I wake up in a bed to that song on the radio. I get up out of bed and see my friend Brittany, I tell her about the dream and she had the same one. We were going to do some magic tricks after that but then I wake up.
Brittany comes home and I tell her about these annoying dreams lol. She just says “Oh, cool.” And then I wake up…

Well at I hope I’m a step closer to Lucidity :happy:

lol, welcome to the site :welcome:
I hate FA’s. They’re the DEVIL! :devil: :tongue:

If you have more FA’s, start doing RC’s everytime you wake up. Hopefully you can turn annoying FA’s into LD’s :colgate:

Good luck!

Ive never had a false awakening...people say they are annoying but I think itd be cool.

They are sometimes cool, but when you lose Lucidity because of one, or have multiple in a row… :grrr:

Of which I’ve had both…a few times

I had a FA. The clock 4:78 but I didn’t realize that’s impossible. She didn’t either… kangaroo lol

The problem is I also do RCs when I wake up, but for some reason I didn’t when I awakened in my dream :frowning:

whys it so annoying?

i had the most annoying FA last night, it was into an SP and it was real bad

Ya, I had my first FA last night too. It was right after a very short, very unstable lucid dream (less than 5 sec). I thought I was fully awake, I could feel my bed and hear my parents. I never thought they could be so real. :eek:
Of course, I was too “tired” to do a RC. It was the most eye-opening experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been doing RC’s all day because of how real that was. I just have a horrible feeling that I’ll be too tired in my next FA. :grrr:

I used to have a lot of FA’s before I knew what they were.
My mom/dad/whoever would try to wake me up for school, I’de open my eyes for half a sec, and tell them “ok …” then go back to sleep, then I would have an FA where I actually wake up and go to wash my face …
then a few seconds later I would wake up in RL then back to sleep, then FA … and so on for a couple of times.

When I finally wake up and get off my bed … I would be wondering with myself … “What! I only woke up now??! hmm … didn’t I wake up already? or was I just imagining stuff?!”

back then I didn’t know alot about LD’s of FA’s for that matter.

i had my 1st FA 2 last night i wos telling evry 1 about mylucid dream but ather that i became lucid again because i saw mygirlfriend then i thouight huh (i thought wos at schoo lso i wos saying to her do you know you can’t be here she said huh what she looked like she wos stuipid because it wos my own mind saying that and then i gor freaked out aso forced myself to wake up

I used to have quite a few FAs. Since starting the quest for Lucidity, my dreams have changed. More consistent, probably because I think of the same things over and over. But I have had one FA recorded. From January 8!

I am in bed, and although I remember a dream, I feel it was something about helping the Governor or something by making a multicultural society… Weird. As I sit up to look at the time, I see it is “12:00” but the clock is very dull, I assume I accidentally draped some clothing or something over it. I turn on the computer, and as it loads up I just get into the site when some light goes out. I then turn on the lamp, and very soon that blows too. (Obviously I don’t need a computer to use light, whatever). I hear a noise outside my room and go check, and it turns out to be my dad as quietly as possible looking in the games room cupboard for something. I all of a sudden get the urge to try and surprise him, and shout out random gibberish really loudly. He doesn’t even jump, just slowly turns around and says: “Shush! Rhianna (my sister) is trying to sleep”! I walk around to him and see my mum come out the other door and then I get shocked, and suddenly wake up. The time was 4:20 when I looked at the clock.

Although FA’s are annoying, this one was cool because it allowed enough of a WBTB for me to have my first lucid dream after it!

Congradulations on the lucid dream :smile:

I guess you were pretty lucky for that FA then :content: