The Most Difficult Game - I wanna be the guy?

@bruno, HoD owned, too bad i could never play the full version XD

edit: phew, i think no-one noticed i double-posted XD

q, shift works like enter, at least, it should should(you say you’ve tried it, which is strange) and Z shoots, but you can change these controls using CTRL+Y(or file --> controls)

Q, i don’t know how it works on windows, but Linux doesn’t accept input when there’s nothing in focus. try clicking the game window with your mouse, to give it focus, and then try «shift» again.

Yes, what Bruno said applies to windows, if you ever go to play the game and your character stops moving just click on the application to bring it back to "focus.

Is there an actual term for that?

yes: «focus».

Can’t say IWBTG is my style of a “Hard” game…it’s too unfair. (Wich i know is the whole point of the game)

If there’s some “Hard” games that i consider hard but still plays fair then that would be most arcade games and esp. the modern japanese shoot-em-up games were the player are being showered whit bullets all the time. Usually it requires really good reaction/eye-hand coordinate as well as quickly analyze a bullet pattern and act accordingly.
They’re hard and you’ll get killed but at least you’ll get the chance to actually avoid death instead of randomly getting killed by something unexpected.

  • Tywald

Thats exactly what IWBTG requires, its purely a skill/reaction game.

Sure, there are some random deaths the first time through rooms, but those are meant to be entertaining in a sick way, however, once you know what the game throws at you its consistent and just a matter of the skill needed to pass the room.

I would say that the game has more of a timing/memory rather than a “reaction” gameplay. After all, in the majority of all “unexpected” deaths you happen to stand at the “wrong place” and unless you got a really (and i mean really) short reaction time you’re dead after several milliseconds. You’re almost expected to already be at the “right place” before the event triggers.

It’s mostly a memory type of game, you walk a few seconds…end up dead…analyze what happened and in the next atempt solve the problem…end up dead seconds after…analyze and then back from square one remember all the solutions.

But it does requires skill and timing indeed, to solve a lot of levels one must make some very carefull movements and there’s little room for errors.

  • Tywald

Wow that was ridiculously hard. But still, it has NOTHING on Mega Man 9. I seriously think that is the hardest game I have ever played. Frustration induced fits of MADNESS!

IWBTG is one of the “greatest” games I’ve ever played when it comes to difficulty. By greatest I mean it’s just an ideal way of becoming healthily frustrated :happy:

I was stuck on the Mike Tyson boss for so long it isn’t even funny.

Thank you for the assistance siiw & Bruno :smile:

I can’t get past the cherries :cry:
and bruno with his left right up down path… So far I have only seen 2 screens of the game and I can’t get any further.

I take it you went up from the starting screen? :razz:

That’s the easier route, actually. Down is completely bonkers.

Hmm, I haven’t gone up or down…i’ve done a few screens on the right but am working on the second boss on LP. The Bowser/Frog/Wily thing. Wily is problematic.

If you ever get really stuck it helps to go on youtube and see how a master does it.

Well that’s basically how I beat Mike Tyson…

But from the starting screen (I mean the very beginning), you can only go up or down. Up takes you to the flying apple thingies and down is with the wall-spikes that rush toward you.

I haven’t gotten very far yet. I’m sort of stuck in the screens past the Legend of Zelda screen. Lots of spikes that you have maneuver through. I know the path (indeed from YouTube masters :razz:) but my execution leaves a lot to be desired :razz:

Actually…no, thats incorrect. If you drop down one “level” you can run through the wall on the left, it looks like a wall but you can pass right through like its an opening. Drop down one more level from there and you can run through the wall on the right (also “invisible”).

there is actually a way past that spikey thing that squashes you? I went up because I didn’t find a way :tongue:. And those cherries, i can’t get past.

from the first screen, fall (do not jump: fall) down to the spikey area. shoot the shakey spike on the left and jump. fall on top of it now. then you have to memorize the order of the platforms that will appear so that you can jump all your way to the next screen. it takes some 15 minutes to figure out, but the down path is way cooler.

if you go left and you beat the first boss, you have to take the down path anyway

Hey, you’re right! That’s another path that I didn’t even think about, haha. Well, let’s see if I can make it to Zangief.

Anyone ever played a game called Incredible Crisis?

It’s hard as hell… A friend and I managed to beat it once, and after that, never again. We got through it by sheer dumb luck most of the time. Hardest game I ever played. We had to double up on the controller some of the time.

Oh god…N