The New area 51 (just roaming)

We still get a dozen or so e-mails every month from people telling us that the military has moved its top secret testing facilities from Groom Lake (Area 51 and S-4 at Papoose Lake) in Nevada to an undisclosed location in Utah. Although I’ve already dealt with this tired red herring in last year’s ‘Augustember’ newsletter, allow me to once again dispel the rumors and misinformation (disinformation?) that originated from the June 1997 issue of Popular Mechanics. In that article, the so-called “new Area 51”, Area 6413 at White Sands Missile Range Utah Launching Complex was to be (with the emphasis on ‘was’) the launch site for NASA’s space-plane, the X-33, with the landing site at Michael AAF near the Dugway Proving Grounds. Evidently, the Science/Technology Editor for Popular Mechanics somehow mistook the rusted gate of the Medlin ranch (or some other cattle gate) for the guard shack at the world’s most famous ‘secret’ base. Seeing no military personnel or even the infamous ‘cammo dudes’ in their white Jeep Cherokees, he concluded that the base closed shop. They just loaded the whole damn thing on a flatbed and moved it to another location on some moonless night.
Since that Popular Mechanics article was first published in 1997, I have made numerous trips to the perimeter of Area 51 and can assure anyone that’s interested that the camouflaged security personnel are still patrolling the buffer zone (having recently acquired some Ford pickup trucks to go with their fleet of white Jeep Cherokees), and that there is still a lot of activity going on at the base. In fact, toxic substances or not, the place is expanding. That’s right, it’s getting bigger, folks. By comparing photos taken with a high-powered lens of the Groom Lake complex, it is evident that a lot of construction has been going on in recent years (there is even a new guard shack at the ‘back door’). The only thing that seems to be missing is the fuel tank farm, which has been dismantled. This in itself may be very telling with regards to any revolutionary propulsion system being tested for black budget aircraft at Groom Lake. the real source What a thought huh!!?!?!?! Aliens

Have you seen anything strange at area 51? I’ve heard that they are allowed to shoot anyone that goes onto the area, is that true?

Sorry that whole thing about area 51 came from another website( I have never been their, but that is tad strange if they would shoot you if you tresspass on the site. Not only its f*cked up that they are keeping secrets from the public, but you can get shot by being around the area, What sweet Irony. look:

There allowed to shoot you if you trespass on cape canaveral.
Could be?

Now if there were any shootings do you think the public would know anything about it? Or just more cover ups? I cant belive were held back from such BS.