The Power of Intent

Just wanted to share my astonishment regarding the power of intent. I know it has been already exhaustively discussed here but I did not understand what it really meant before last night. Till now my dream recall has been very poor and usually I only remember one or two dreams in a week.

Last night I had a VERY strong intent that I will see vivid lucid dreams with a lot of interaction with dream characters. The level of concentration must have been close to meditation.

I didn’t reach the lucid state but the dreams were extremely vivid and I had lot of interaction with DCs and upon waking up I felt euphoria. However, the most staggering result was that after I finished writing down my dreams, the total number of dreams I could recall from last night was 12 !!!

It is worth noting, that I have tried this many times before but setting the intent has more or less been repeating the “intent” without actually meaning it. The difference between just repeating it and really meaning it is very subtle. That is to say, all of you that are having problems with dream recall, getting lucid or whatever, just keep on refining your intent before falling asleep, it might help a lot!

I know that feeling. Once I wrote 8 dreams after one night. Long normal dreams. That was just epic.