The reality of dreaming

I was on some other fourms, and read a very interesting post by one of the members, the direct quote:

Now this is a very interesting thought, considering your beliefs of a universal consciousness, or your religion, or whatever.

Well, it might not have actually been that long of a dream, the mind has a tendancy to make up reality when we don’t know it. Sort of like how occasionally you’ll meet someone who “knows” something that they didn’t really figure out themselves, or learn from someone else, and it’s just horribly wrong (Like the guy you meet occasionally who thinks the sky is blue because it’s reflecting water…)

in the same way, the brain has a tendancy to make up memories to explain things to you. So he might only have experienced a few key moments, and they either merged together with real/dream memories, or as he woke up and thought about what he’d just dreamt about, he made it up (conciously or subconciously) to think about what had happened. I know it’s happened to me…

Well the whole idea was ones dreams, or dream reality, is the actual “physical” reality in anothers view, in a different galaxy/ in a different realm. Yes it is a little far-fetched, but as I said, interesting for that matter.

Interesting, but I’ve healed and even resurrected DCs in LDs before, so the inability to resurrect DCs isn’t any sort of constant dream law. :cheesy:

I don’t really know what to say. It’s interesting, it really is, but DC’s aren’t really experience reality. they might say they are, but they aren’t. I mean, they are experience reality, but not as DC’s bot as the subconscious.