The Seventh Lucidity Challenge - Final

I am in :cool:

hey can you put me in?

With holidays coming I will be spending more time on this website so sign me up as well.

/me is signing up, this is my third LC(well second as a dreamer)
and third times a charm
And as someone else said now holidays is coming

Sign me up too :content:

I don’t know. Will this happen during Christmas/New Year? I might be travelling. Unless you allow another user to post on my behalf, then I could SMS what to post, and get an SMS with the Tasks…

Sign me up too :grin:

I’d like to start as soon as we have 10 people. I also have a few ideas for holiday tasks, so yes Bruno, if it is alright with everyone competing, I would like to do it over the Holidays.

(Besides, most people will have time off from school/work, so there may be some better results.)

As far as someone posting on your behalf, I think that will be OK, so long as I know who it is and you can verify all the information afterwords, before the challenge is completely over. (In other words: I want you to tell me they posted the right info.)
I’d hate to have to exclude someone due to holiday travel. :smile:

/me adds liam to list.
Should I add you, too, Bruno?

Thank you Ysim,

Every day is there a different task to earn task points?

Essentially, though I’m thinking I’ll give you guys 48 hours for each task.

Yeah, 48 hours would be better :yes:

oh oh oh!
sign me up please!

Nah, thanks Xander, I’ll pass. It would be overcomplicating, and I can always join the next challenge :wink:


/me adds recall

Only 2 Slots remaining!

may i join?


1 golden ticket left!


:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

I would like to participate. Sign me up!!!

runs around cheering that procrastination didn’t mess me up again! :cheer: :hurray: :bounce:

Aww :sad: i wanted to join

Sorry, Ouvres Tes Yeux, limited seating.

/me adds hunaynay

Woohoo! :woot: I will post the first task tonight at 9 PM EST, 2AM GMT. The first deadline will be the same time Sunday. (48 hours later)

And the scores stand now at:

  1. MatrixManNe0
  2. Siiw
  3. Zz
  4. Doson
  5. Magnus
  6. Mugiwara
  7. Liam_sw
  8. Recall
  9. Yohan
  10. hunaynay

0 for everyone…

Task 1: Breaking the Ice
As we are coming into winter (well most of us) I thought it would be appropriate that the first task be to an experience to break the ice. You must do exactly that, find a body of water (well ice) and break it.

The point breakdown:
Find water - 5
Freeze the water - 20
Find ice - 15
Crack the ice, but don’t break through - 15
Break through - 50
Cause a huge chain reaction or otherwise catastrophic break - 20
Break through it in an interesting way - 15 (This includes but is not limited to melting, casting a magic missile, phasing through it…)
Swim around under the ice - 10

Remember, there is a 30 point bonus for lucidity, and a 10 point bonus for doing it before the deadline.

The deadline is 2:00 AM GMT Monday, December 24.