The subconscious

I didn’t do a thing, actually… :shy: I just recognized the “groggy state” and asked myself the question “what does F represent in my dreams?” and then tried to imagine an answer, almost like “what would my SC answer?” and then the answer just appeared!

and thanks, chris_18! I’ll take a look at those links! still have to finish the other one… :tongue:

@BlueAndWhite: I’m also really fascinated with all of this! :happy:

this is a gold-mine
what he doesn’t address from my skimming is the issue of falling asleep or becoming groggy
when the SC speaks to me, it is because I am in the hypnagogic state
now I can go in and out for a few minutes without saying “oh geeze i’m tired i want to go to sleep” but to persistently hover here can make me very lethargic and slothful if i am meditating in this way throughout the day.

now most important question :
how do we have a verbal back and forth conversation with the SC, because if we can do that, for instance
“what is Jim’s pizza ?”
and then it answers, and we are still in the HH, without “waking up” then we can just go on talking just like in a lucid dream, but

to get the SC to talk the C is turned off, so when the C is turned off, how do we maintain perfect balance, so we can WILD ?

is the SC a hallucinatory audible voice in the hypnagogic state, or is that the unconscious, which voice does he advocate hearing ?

I’m sorry, I can’t answer those questions because I’ve only tried this when wide awake. Never in HH because all it took for me to hear my sub-c was to quiet down the conscious mind, not turn it off. And you can have a back and forth conversation using the techniques described in the articles. It just takes a lot of time and patience… And practice of course.

Done reading those artivcles, chris_18!

so… if you have, you know, more… :grin:

I tried it a bit the past two days. I guess I should try to meditate more often, my conscious mind just won’t shut up! but I think I got a useful LD’ing tip! :happy:

thanks again man. :wink:

Are you sure it wasn’t biofeedback?

how do you mean? :eh:

hmm… well, were you ever thinking of an itch in your arm, when all of a sudden it happened? That’s biofeedback. The brain fills in the request for you. Sometimes, when people are making Psiballs, they get biofeedback where their hands feel warm, but really aren’t.

hmm. ok.

yeah, possibly :tongue: lol

Yeah, meditation is a pretty good idea :wink:
I only tried this for a month before I lost interest.

But it was an insightful month, that’s for sure. I learned that, when you get
the hang of quieting your surface thoughts, there is a whole layer of more
subtle surface thoughts beneath it :mrgreen:

But when you get past that phase, you’ll begin to feel more certain of the
answers you get. I wasn’t sure of anything until I practiced for the first two
weeks. That’s when I started getting some real answers. I would ask something
I could then verify like “What time will I come back from school?” or “What grade
am I going to get?”. And the answers for the grades question started getting
accurate. As for the time question, I used to enter my house and look at the
clock, and the time would be exactly what my sub-c told me it would be.

I used to ask myself 30 to 50+ questions a day. And meditate.
So the best advice would be to practice. If you’re not sure you’re getting the
right answers, push harder, go deeper and be patient.

Well, i have been trying but got nowhere so far.

Met my SG though ;D [I might ask him for help…]

And managed to find out quite alot of info, and get him to send me smells and mind images.

Hes pretty cool :mrgreen:

is it a voice that you hear like a sound, or is it the same voice that t he thinking voice is ?

I didn’t hear it, it was more like a feeling, a thought (which came in forms like words, pictures, animations, memories…).

Much like the ordinary thought, but in order to “hear” those, you need to quiet
you’re mind to the point where you are sure it’s not you whose thoughts you’re perceiving. These thoughts don’t originate from yourself (metaphorically speaking since you’re sub-c IS a part of YOU). They don’t originate from your conscience,
but are so quiet that you need a lot of time and patience for your conscious mind to be sure it’s you’re sub-c.

a question:

I usually “hear” voices when I’m going to sleep. I don’t actually hear, it’s not HH. They are like thoughts. totally random things but they kinda have a specific voice usually

Is this my SC? are they “messages”, or can I get messages like this? :eh:

right this is the SC i’m talking about
i say you DO hear, its with your mind, but it is the sense of hearing,
which is different than the thoughts.

now the other way is to just stop thinking for a few moments and ask a question, then see if thoughts come up that are still from “you” the way i take it.

their info isn’t necessarily legit from my experiences but can often be helpful.

If it’s of any interest, I would like to make a link between the subconscious and music. I’m a musician (or at least I try to be) and I believe the most creative part of my mind to be the subconscious. I have a really screwed up sleeping pattern, have done fro several years now, and occasionally neccesity has led me to skip a nights sleep. By the end of the second day, by conscious mind is so worn out that it seems to drift away and let it’s guard down. I become very spontaneous and to put it bluntly, a bit stupid, to the extent that I decide not to go to bed, but to stay up even longer and enjoy the strange way my mind feels. One one occasion, after 30 hours without sleep, I was on the computer, in my room with all my instruments and recording set-up, and I noticed that thing were just rolling out of my brain; long bouts of unstewed poetry falling onto my friends’ Facebook profiles, and even better, they were accomapanied my music coming straight from my brain. Even as each word formed in my head, the melody formed with it. A couple of these songs I decided to record (it was 03:30 in the morning), private jokes for a couple of friends, and they turned out brilliantly once fully arranged and recorded (except perhaps my singing).
I believe my weakened conscious mind was letting the music in the subconscious through unhindered. I’ve always suspected it was there. I often hear the music, but usually it’s just too hard to capture it and keep it long enough to commit to memory or record. I need to find some way of grasping it without the sleep deprivation, because despite the creativity, I was basically a giggling retard from the lack of sleep.

I totally know what you mean,
I can only think of perhaps two other methods
one is the practice of substantial moon-gazing,
one is to perfect meditation

I was able to quiet my conscious thoughts, but only when I’m going to bed. I haven’t tried it that much at other times. But I now know what you mean about the other layer of thoughts! It’s very cool. :wink:


I asked my sub-con a few weeks ago to give me lucid dreams…now everynight without fail my dreams follow this pattern;

day 1 - ND
day 2 - ND
day 3 - LD

& its been happening since i asked my sub-con. Yet when i asked it i didnt hear or feel a reply i was aware of.
But i dont think its a coincidence as my LDing was fairly rare, and last months total was double the month before’s. What do yu think.

@B&W: Read “The Deal” part of this article again :smile:

The guy who wrote the article above has a blog, and made some posts
on communicating to your sub-c: … conscious/ … ight-work/ … -its-real/

Enjoy! :wink: