The truth about dreams

to you both do this: Just search the truth for yourself and stick the truth to yourself.

Sometimes I read books that really convince me too, and It’s really annoying when other people don’t read them ; )

I think…

“Dreams are random impulses of the unconscious which mean nothing at all. Your brain is, while you are sleeping, busy categorizing the previous day. All information transmitted in your brain is weaved into a dream.”

and when you become lucid you just take control of these random thoughts…

I think it is more like a combination of both dreamland? and Sureal.

I think “normal” dreaming and normal lucid dreaming is strictly in your mind. However, I am also open to the possibility that there are other states beyond dreaming such as OOBE, AP, and there may well be things beyond that. I think these other states are accessible through normal dreams, lucid dreams, meditation and self hypnosis.

That is just my belief.

What if the universe is all in your head? that way you’d be leaving your body and it’s still all in your mind… right ? :smile:

At first, i don’t say that ALL OBE-s happen only in our head and that no one is actually visited astral plan. Now this in mind, i want simply to put your theory to test (somehow i think that it fails this simple test):

Next time you LD, or have OBE in your room look at different things: are they where they suppose to be. When you wake up, look again: are those things what you saw during your dream in your room really there where you saw them. Is something missing in dream? Is something additional in your room what isn’t there after you wake up?

And to make it more certain: visit your friend whom you haven’t visited recently. Notice what things are in his room, and where they are. Later describe the things in the room to your friend and ask is this description correct.

There are more how to test this. Good luck :content:

This is my view:
A lucid dream is simply one where your conscious ‘wakes up’ when your subconscious is in control. The art of lucid dreaming is to always be aware of your reality - to keep your conscious self alert. That’s why we train ourselves with reality checks e.t.c.

I think the philosophy comes in when we start to explore our subconsciousness and the limits of our mind via lucid dreaming. It’s an endless means for self discovery and spiritual exploration.

Good point!

We actually don’t know even ourself and we try to discover what the world “really is” by believeing that our LD’s and OBE-s are real astral travels :tongue:

It’s much beneficial for us and those whom we encounter if we start to explore ourself at first. And talking with DC-s, interacting with subconciousness and “lost” memories and with our fears and desires, is the best way how to use LDs IMO. Of course having fun in LD while doing casual stuff is side-effect what has it’s function also :tongue:

i like dreamland’s theory the most

I think that it’s irrelevant whether dreams are messages from the unconscious or not (I doubt they are - the unconscious has more efficient methods of grabbing your attention.) What matters is that we can manipulate them.

Oh, and LD4All is not a place for christians to go on missionary quests. It is, however, a place for grammar and spelling.

And how exactly did you come to this conclusion? All scientific studies about dreams seems to have come to the conclusion that you never leave your body and that the dream images are created by your own brain which is mostly formed from memories.

Have you experienced something that actually proved your theory? Because it sounds to me like you take it as truth just because a book said so. I can kinda respect it if you had some profound experience, though i will still be skeptic myself. But i think it is extremly naive if you take this as truth just because of this book, as that is basicly blind faith.
This is also why i am against the major religions of today.

Do tell me; just what are these other methods? You left me hanging with that statement there, and I’d like to know what you mean by these other methods of grabbing your attention.

Well, looking at children, if they’re undergoing conscious or subconscious strain they’ll wet the bed… Adults and teenagers tend to become moody and/or depressed when they feel bad about something on a subconscious level. It’s mainly mood-based, i.e. if you’re feeling subconsciously about something, you’re likely to feel a long-term mood that connects to that, e.g. a long depression after bereavement, even though you’ve consciously “let go” and such.

I believe the scientific one. Our brain is an advanced neural net constructed out of thousands and thousands of neurons. These neurons have connections to eachother, electric ones, and by letting input signal’s strength override a certain threshold, the neuron fires new signals. You learn and remember by letting the connectors, synapses, change the way and strength of the signal they give.

Learning computers have this ability. Some people, including myself, have written certain pieces of programming which basicly gives the computer a “brain”. Which let’s it learn. By ajusting the thresholds and output strengths you can get it to act differently in different situations.

When we dream, I believe that the brain tries to make sense of all these firing neurons which is basicly a dream.

I’ll tell you guys what. I’ll cook up my old learning program, and let it fire neurons randomly. And let’s see what the computer will dream. :happy: Now imagine that. The current program I have are a group of little tanks, set out to orient themselves around objects and shoot at eachother. I must say, since they knew nothing from start on how to do this most efficiently, they have evolved very nicely :content: So what do you think will happen? Will the tanks go around, not shooting, crashing into wall, doing strange things with their own orientation?

PS: the compution of the dream will take about 2 hours. They are evolving learners. I hope this will be interesting :smile:

@2nd poster ,

when a big black tenticle monster is chasing me I only wish it was false , although in my dream it’s usually running away

Wow. I computed it and the result was remarkable. The tanks were in fact dreaming! My computer was dreaming! This is what happened. Normally the tanks wander around looking for opponents to shoot at. But when I added in their complete AI a system for dreaming, by letting their neurons fire randomly, this is what happened.

Instead of searching properly the tanks wandered around in the rooms I created for them. But most astonoshing was :eek: :eek: :eek: the tanks, when they found another tank, started to circle eachother and then move on. Wow. Interesting how a computer dreams :content:

Scientific or Paranormal…
I don’t see why they have to form a conflict.

I mean, science can prove how the physical world works…
…that doesn’t mean it disproves any existence of soul or spirit

Skeptics should be skeptical and metaphysicians should be aware of the skeptics’ theory.

…and I think that should be the end.

I mean, that so-called North and South…
I think they’re both right.
Or, to be more precise, I think they are two sides of the same coin.
And what we need to do is to know the coin,
not taking sides.

“Two sides of the coin” doesn’t exist in this scenario. The other side of the coin would have to be entirely invisible, immeasurable, etc, and therefore it may as well not exist.

Sides? Does it really matter? If you’re happy with your dreams, what does it matter which side is right, anyway? I don’t know what the truth is, and frankly, I don’t really care. I don’t believe in spirits and OBEs, but if proof came up suddenly, hit me on the nose to the contrary and made me believe it them, it would change absolutely nothing as far as my dreams are concerned. So I figure it’s rather pointless taking “sides”, and even more pointless debating over whose theory is correct. Come on, it doesn’t matter! :wink:

Yup. It ‘may’ not exist, which means it ‘may’ exist as well.

What I’m trying to say is that they are not necessarily opposite.

You can believe in either way, but that doesn’t mean you believe so because you’re not the other way. I’m making this point because there is always a way for these two ideas to co-exist. I’m not saying that it’s right, I’m just saying these two do not always have to form a conflict.

Besides, Stormthunder made a really good point. Everyone chooses their beliefs and that should be the end. Unless one can really disprove or prove an explanation perfectly, but even so, it won’t change the fact that we will continue lucid dreaming.