LD can makes your fears disappear ? improve your self-confidence ?

You could achieve all this IRL.

Either by doing it yourself, or visiting a psycho(hypno)therapist .

I don’t know if this could be achieved in dreams, but you can try.
By the way, what are you afraid of? Why are you not really self-confident?
I doubt that those were just hypothetical questions.

no it’s not hypothetical , thoose things i want to try in LD instead of going to therapist , i know my self the best , so in the dream i can dicover the problems… maybe.

You could potentially fix yourself through a lucid dream. Here are some examples if you wanted to try this.

  1. You could face your biggest fear and defeat it.
  2. You could talk to the opposite gender or whatever to gain self-confidence.
  3. You could talk to your subconscious being and talk to them, and tell them you want to change.

oh , that’s great , can’t wait to dream lucid…

Well, nothing wrong with conquering your fears while dreaming, but as Hraesvelg said, you should try it IRL too.

I know this might not sound as much, coming from an unknown forum lurker, but there are few things really worth being afraid of. If you can let go of your fears, even if only a little, you’ll surely overcome them, and you feel great.

I, in theory know how to cure phobias and fears…

But if you don’t want to visit any therapists, then become lucid in a dream, and face your fears.I’m not saying it MUST work…just try it.

I wish you luck in your attempt.
When you face your fears, just remember to remain calm and know that you can win, and that you have nothing to fear. You can and will prevail.

thank you guys , sometimes fear is stupid…