They found Bigfoot

Pics or it didn’t happen. I’ll wait to see any actual “proof”.

And with all of the tools and tech we have access to, it’s become very easy for thw wrong people to get attention.

There actually are pictures. I saw this on the news yesterday.

However, I think it’s a hoax. Why? Because there are only pictures, and nobody has seen the actual body. If they really did have the body in a freezer, which the photo suggests, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t show it to scientists who could test it and conclusively prove that it does exist. Yet for some reason this isn’t happening, and this doesn’t add up. If they really had the body and wanted to prove that Bigfoot exists, then they would have to hand in the body. Photos alone are no evidence at all - it could be easily faked with software, or even be a real photo just of someone wearing a costume!

I’m waiting for them to hand in the body. Until then, I don’t believe it.

Do you know of any sites with the pics on them?

Here’s a new article with a picture or two. I just wonder why they couldn’t have taken a better picture :razz:

Interesting. They are having the press conference today apparently.

Im going to go ahead, and say its real. Theres alot of skeptics. Thats just like the alien in Denver. What gets me is Fox, and CNN cover these stories.

So far from what Im gathering. It is real. Oh my God. This is so amazing, and September is allmost here. I love life its a trip. There is so much happning as far as paranormal life goes. 2012 is going to be the greatest expirance as our lives climax to overwhelming emotions. This is why I could never be an Athiest. Not to mention Ive been having alot of lucid dreams, and amazing NDs. I wish you could feel some of the emotions I feel when I wake up from these dream. Tune into all of life, but on the dark side. Rusia, and the U.S. are into it. This could be the start of WW3. Sorry about vering so far off topic.

So that’s where my cousin disappeared to…

In all seriousness, though, if it is real, that is amazing.

But I think it is worth mentioning that I used to get called Bigfoot in school… Coincidence? I think not!

This is kind of a cool coincidence. Bigfoot was found in Georgia, Russia is envading Georgia. Aint that cool.

I mean the invasions not cool, but the coincidence is.

Huh? That’s a big stretch to call it a coincidence. Two completely unrelated events happening in two completely different places at the same time?

There are probably at least several hundred women out there called Georgia, too. Let’s add whatever they’re doing right now to the list of coincidences.

It may not be that good of coincidence, Im saying from a more magical aspect of it. Its allmost like the white buffalo. It feels more like a spiritual coincidence that says here is the disscovery of a mystical creature on the same week Rusia invaded Georgia. So dont be afraid. I dont know its hard to explain.

And here is another small coincidence. Bigfoot was 7.7. The tallest woman in the world died this week, and she was allso 7.7. What about the baby, that was born on 8-8-08. At 8:08, and weighed 8 pounds, and 8 ounzez, and was allso the 8th grandchild. Do you see what I mean by all these coincences going on. What is going on? Do I look to deep into life, should I be so intune with crap that I see coincidences like I do.

Now the skeptics are saying its probley not real, because there asking why theyve only showed pics of it, and not the actual body, there allso saying it looks like a big Gorila suit. Oh well if its a hoax screw the damn hillbillies.

Now they (the hikers) say they saw three more bigfoots, and that they have knowledge of a bigfoot den??

Come on people! :lol:

If that’s true, I call bull.

Read the first couple of paragraphs … index.html

Thats exactly the “Nessi” picture type …
I’m sceptical to say the best …

Apparently, it just failed a DNA test.

What I don’t get is how Bigfoot is ‘paranormal’. Wouldn’t it just be another animal?

Bigfoot is a cryptid.

That still dosnt make sence… They find a body that resembles Bigfoot, and its obviously a real body, because they did a DNA test, how many Gorilas could be in the Georgia woods? So if its not a Bigfoot then what is it. Are they going to just burrie the body now sence its not a Bigfoot? Something about it just dosnt add up. Atleast now we know it is a real body of something, but what. I think its a government cover up. Like Fox Moulder… “I want to believe”, and Ill do what ever it takes to believe. So Im going to say it is a cover up. I think I know what its all about to.