They found Bigfoot

Okay, time for a news update.

It was a gorilla suit!! :rofl:

You see, it pays to use your brains with these types of situations. I’m just amazed that so many people were actually taken in by it.

I know eh, it is so sad some times to see, not to mention the “i dont want to be skeptical” mentality, i mean there are still flat earthers out there…scary stuff.

I’m not surprised by this.

Same here. I knew they were just trying to get attention. :razz:

I know Im a stuburn non skeptic, but I still call BS on it being a hoax. I saw the video after the confrence, and this guy seemed for real. why would anyone go through that much trouble to pull a hoax they know would be found out? I really do think the government put a lid on the whole thing. There is just so much about the story that dosnt make sence. It is a coverup if Ive ever saw one.

Like I said, and I know it sounds crazy, but the finger print of the truth is a coincidence, alot of people wont see them, but they are there, just like the coincidence of Lincoln, and Kennedy, and all the coincidences of 9/11 with the number 11. Two of the coincidences is that in the same week Bigfoot was found in Georgia. Russia invaded Georgia, and in the same week… What are the chances that the only human at the height of 7feet 7inches dies, and Bigfoot was 7foot7inches. Im sure there are alot of other coincidences were not seeing, but coincidences allways follow big news stories. I know, Im nuts people, but what we have here in a cover up. Beileve in miricals, because the closer we get to 2012 the more we will witness. The Universe is revelaling itself to us. The government will have its hands full with all the amazing news storie that are fixing to come… Aliens, Bigfoot. Theyve allso found a Myan underground… Something in Mexico. Yes people Bigfoot has realy been found. The MIB got to them maybie, but who do they send to people to get them to denie the fact that MIBs exciste. HMMM

I would think its hoax. I think I read they got some dna they found tested and it came back like 90% human and 10% opossum. The numbers aren’t exact, but you get the gist. Along with that there is a supposed youtube video where they talk about it being a hoax. At first the denied this video then later said they made it to keep people off of there backs.

I don’t know much of this “Bigfoot Found” story, but what I read, the DNA test was 96% opossum.
And what is “Myan underground”?? :eh:

It was a hoax: … tml?source =RSSattr=HOME_4365238

Rubber suit and all.

Another thing, these one was a police officer, and the other a correctional officers. These two occupations dont seem like the type of work to be into if your going to make a hoax. I still say its not. Look at this interview, he just dosnt seem like he is lying. He even throws in a joke. I dont care I say it was real.

Allso why would they go as far to sence in DNA test. Why not just lay down the cards, and say you were bluffing then. Allso it was decaying, why go as far as to make it look like it was decaying, they could have made the body look like it wasnt decaying. That is some clever details for a hoax that they knew would eventualy be disscovred.

In this interview he seems very calm knowing he will be questioned by skiptics.

And one more think. The DNA came back 96 percent human, so what did they do inject themselves with a needle, and sit it in. Now that too is going a little to far for a hoax. Theres just alot of holes in this hoax theory.

HAHAHAHA! Look, I don’t want to be a jerk here. So I’m not saying that I’m “skeptical.” I’m not. Because I know that they haven’t found Bigfoot! I thought I read somewhere that DNA tests showed no more than some human DNA along with an opossom or something. But all I have is a personal claim with no decent evidence! So I guess Bigfoot must be real, after all. :tongue:

I’ll admit that it’s fun to get immersed into stuff that’s eerie and sends chills up my spine, but really, it’s not of supreme importance to me whether or not this dude is for real. I don’t draw myself up to be the uber “skeptic” that some people are, but I have my limits. And I draw 'em at Footy.

Um, Kava… they’ve PROVEN it was a hoax. I didn’t just guess it was a gorilla suit, you know - I saw this on the news. And, as I’ve said before, your coincidences are not coincidences at all (and you’ve probably noticed by now that I have a tendency to cry ‘coincidence’ at the paranormal. But this doesn’t even rank in the level of coincidence - it’s non-existent!).

As for police officers not being the type to create hoaxes… seriously, come on. Haven’t you ever heard of corruption? Haven’t you heard of “dirty” cops? Haven’t you seen the (surprisingly common) stories of police officers stealing, bribing, blackmailing, even sexually assaulting people? Just being a police officer doesn’t make you miraculously incorruptible. (I can also confidently say this from personal experience from living with a police officer briefly, who, let’s just say, liked to turn a blind eye.) In fact, being a police officer would put you in a better than average position to try and pull off a hoax, since they would be more aware of the investigative techniques they will need to make sure people don’t use in order to find them out.

Why would they send in a DNA test? Because it’s the best way to get people to believe them without actually handing in the body (whereupon the gorilla suit would be immediately discovered). These guys weren’t idiots. Without some kind of proof, they’d be laughed into oblivion. Every good hoax needs to seem as believable as possible. To be honest, I think they did a pretty good job of it. Most hoaxes don’t get as far as providing photographs.

Con artists usually are calm. Ask any victim who handed over their bank account details, and they’ll tell you that the conner seemed completely trustworthy at the time. Likewise, hoaxers are also good at lying. After all, who would fall for a scam if the perpetrator looked nervous and sweaty? Seriously, Kava, think about it - you keep trying to convince people that completely crazy things are true, and then you wonder why nobody believes you. Why aren’t you as successful in swaying opinion as the ‘bigfoot’ guys? This is because, unlike the hoaxers, you’re not thinking things through. You provide theories, but completely fail to account for the gaping holes in them. Without providing an explanation for all the areas in which your theories fall down, you won’t be able to recruit believers into your strange way of thinking. If the best you can do is weak comparisons like the numbers in 9/11 and the number eleven, you might want to start looking for something more convincing.

Hasn’t someone pulled this before, like put on a suit or something and tried to get “moolah” for it. :sleep:

You know… I tend to believe Kavaa on this one… I mean he has got a really strong point! Bigfoot was found (and I mean WAS found!) in Georgia AND Russia invaded Georgia THE SAME WEEK!

And if the police officers just don’t seem like they are lying… well, who are we to say they are? AND… the media will never lie to us either!!


So you think the police , the russian police, are after bigfoot?

And they invaded Georgia, where Bigfoot was “found”, so could they want to kill Bigfoot? :cry:

Uh, I think that was meant to be sarcasm.

:content: Kay

Yeah, definite hoax on that one, but that was no surprise. Here’s a funny link detailing the hoax

Has there every been any sign of a bigfoot where no actual hoax was found to connect with it?

I just thought I’d clarify this, in case somebody doesn’t know (though most probably do):

Bigfoot was “found” in the state of Georgia, in the United States. Russia is invading the country of Georgia, in eastern Europe.

Just in case. :wink:

Confuzzled, sorrys. :sad: