This Feeling

Did you guys (and girls) notice how when you wake up from a dream that is atleast a little bit concious, there is this unique feeling? Its hard to describe, but I could say it is a mix off positive confusion, euphoria, peacefulness, and it all feels like your connected to yourself. Although your feeling something like confusion, your still really aware. Also, I can awake myself up really faster if I’ve been in a lucid dream, I could get out of the house and go to a party the minute I wake up, but if I wake up not remembering a dream or remembering a non-concious dream, I just want to lay there doing nothing (aka lazyness). Even though you can go climb a mountain, you still somehow want to return to dreaming.

This feeling would be nice to detect which dreams are atleast a little bit lucid, and which are not at all.

I think we need a name for this unique feeling. Come up with solutions!

Haha yeah, I woke up today from what I think may have been a lucid dream, and I felt so calm in the car on the way to school. I guess you could say I felt at peace with myself. I think the word is tranquility, or being tranquil.

I know what you mean, it’s so hard to describe. It’s like I’m not drowsy at all and I’m ready to go face the day. That and also the awesome feeling of knowing I was lucid really makes the morning a bit brighter.

The feeling I get when I wake up from an LD is inner peace and I got energy for all the day, hard to describe more detailed than that :razz:

I know exactly how you feel. When I had my longest LDs, I felt perfectly alert when I woke up, not “groggy” at all.

I think it is tranquility, but mixed with a great number of other feelings.

The only times I’ve had lucid dreams have been in the middle of the night. I wake up and then go back to sleep with a big, satisfied smile on my face. That’s really the only way I can describe how I feel. Very tranquil and satisfied.

I don’t know if it was because of the lucid parts, or simply that my dreams had a long story that wrapped up in a nice way, with an end to a journey, but I found great enjoyment after getting up in sort of, making music, with some la-dee-das and and humming and whistling, combined with a little bit of singing the Hava Nagila. I got so carried away when performing my version of Brahms’ Hungarian Dance, that I actually started dancing, at which point I started to wonder what on Earth I was doing and regained composure. I figured it was a case of waking up on the right side of the bed.

I believe that because your mind is more awake when coming out of a vivid or lucid dream, it carries over so that your mind is ready for the day and already active. Also I think that it lets you observe the process of waking up better so that you are more in tune with what is actually happening. Things such as an increase in heart rate, the changing of your brainwaves, your organs starting to function more readily. Thus giving you a feeling of euphoria you wouldn’t normally get if your mind wasn’t conscious enough to observe it. But thats just my scoop of the poop. :happy:

Also, when I do have a lucid dreams it definitely makes me feel more accomplished, and that gets me thinking about it all day.

its like this with most things in life i think, when you see improvement infront of your eyes. eg. art, its the sudden realization that up until this point i was awake and aware to a certain frequency (in life completely)… now the change has happened so sudden, its felt inside with great clarity that you’ve actually, with excersie of mind and body, spiritually shifted to a higher level of locomotion.

So the same when we exit a lucid dream… we learn more and more that conscienceness travels through thresholds ,and this life we are living yet not entirely understanding, can be experienced in the far reaches of the night, more knowledge gained.

@Cabinfever: If it was improvement-kinda euphotia then people who had many LD’s wouldn’t have this. And Rhewin and Ghostie reported here.

why not? is there a point in lucid dreaming you cannot go beyond? i think not.

they reported here. thanks for your intel.

So your theory is that every new LD is better then the last?

I feel great after a great LD! I especially feel more awake, but then again, I feel more awake and alive during a LD than I feel in RL!
This morning when I woke up from a LD, I could almost still feel the wind wrapped around my body as if I was still flying; it was so cool that I just wanted to lay there (I wanted to chain, but I had to get up for school)!

yes, however “better” is an iffy word here. maybe improvement. you have to see the highs and lows all in the same story, the story in our case is about a person who investigates dreams, learns about them, and becomes lucid. if you have one great vivid and long lucid dream one night…what was learned my friend? not much. the next night is dim, and is only semi lucid at times- something to wonder about, and build from, and in the higher view of the story, there was a time where you’ve seen such lows and all the more knowledge gained…

sorry i know this is ill conceived, you wouldnt believe how much im boiling in the sun right now…
anyway the point is you need to think how deep dreams can go, and realise that if your not a natural, so-called experienced dreamers maybe sitting on the top of the iceberg. if you were to be lding your whole life than think how deep into it you can get… now you yourself, your only 15, i mean cmon…give it time, open your mind a little more and love the fact that you are lucid at all, and you will find it as improvement.

I haven’t gotten lucid in a dream in months. I’ve done much wrong which I think have caused it, but after finally getting my hands on Stephen LaBerge’s “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”, I got more motivation than ever! My dream recall haven’t gone really well, and I don’t remember much from those I actually remember. But just this morning I remembered more than I usually do, and ended up writing down around 2000 words in my DJ. Even though I wasn’t lucid, I think of it as a huge improvement for me, and I got this enjoyable feeling that’ve leaved me happy all day :content:

Ye, you’ve got a point. But still, I don’t see how improvement in something would cause this feeling… It’s not just happyness you know.

And yes, I think you should never give time for LD’ing. You must have a mindset like: “I will have a lucid dream no matter what”. In first I thought like: “I have time, whenever I improve a little bit its good”. That I saw its not working. Now I have LD’s by will, no matter how non-vivid they are (although I didn’t will it much this month, school and stuff :sad: ).

Lucid dreams are nothing but a mindhack, its not a normal state. For a mindhack to work you need pressure on your SC, or it just won’t work. That’s how techniques work actually, you stress out your SC, and it gives you an LD to stop the stress. Once you stopped it, it stops giving out LD’s, because it has no reason to do it.

Deciding that I’m going to become lucid/remember my dreams doesn’t work for me…

I have no scientifical data to back this up,

But I believe while your experiencing a vivd LD, your brain activity spikes higher than if you were having a fuzzy ND that you can’t recall. This is why you feel energized and “alert” when its over.

I’m basing this off of personal experience, so it makes perfect sense to me… :grin:

Im usually really rubbish in the morning but I deff feel very different if Ive been LD. Its just a readiness to deal with the day, to get up, more energy to tackle the problems of that day. If I just wake up from a normal nights sleep without remembering any dreams I feel muzzy and tired, usually want to stay in bed and go back to sleep. Ive never been a morning person and I always work better at night but the times I have LD I could bounce straight out of bed and get going with little problems. They should bottle and sell LD it’d make a fortune, a new miracle cure :razz: