This is SO frustrating

I’ve been away from LD4all for a while but when I can I have been attempting to LD. However I’ve had no success as of yet. So I was wondering what people suggest I do to keep my chances of an LD reasonable? I keep a DJ do RC’s and I also try WILD MILD regularly. However WBTB is completely out of the question as I share a room with my brother and the rest of the house are very light sleepers.
Any tips?


I had the same problem, kinda. I thought I couldn’t WBTB because my brother’s room is close, but you actually can!

Just say you’ll wake up at a certain time, and you will wake up then. And you should get up and use the restroom, or go on the forum/do something related to lding and go back to bed. (If you don’t want to get up, then think about LDing)

Chaining helps too.

well just don’t roll over, go to bed on your back

you’ll sleep for a long time without REM, then you’ll want to roll over, so then, when you roll over just understand “i will be dreaming soon”

I share room with my bro too m8, so I know the situation.
I’ve actually had some success with autosuggestion, just telling myself that I will wake up in the middle of the night- Ofcourse it is hard to choose a specific time :wink:

Also, I sometimes use my mobile phone- Just activate the alarm and plug the earphones in (Though they are rather uncomfortable to sleep with).

But tbh, reality checks and MILD is what most people do, and that’s what I think you should focus on.

Okay, thanks for the tips everyone :smile: