This place is weird,

think with me for a moment in imagination land, specially those who grew up in 80s and 90s
think upon being a child for a moment,

and take your time,

riding the memories between the lines,
remember how deep you could focus and pay attention,
and how full and rich and rewarding everything was,

how serious, sacred, and fun, all in one ,


i have this impression, that there is a really strange motion of minds here,
i remember this time, where people did not have to work unless they wanted to, they would just go wander into a temple and hang out with a holy man, and learn things, and be fed, and that was fine, nothing was expected of them,

i remember, studying mantras of the chakras,
i was a bit frustrated, why isn’t this working? he said be patient,
he had me working on just the root chakra mantra first,


what is so strange is now, those who are in any way interested in the “new age” , are using this internet, and doing things in their own homes that they used to do in temples, and i find t hat… just totally strange, and almost chaotic, but

supposedly it is so that we can serve the modern world, and bring it into order and peace and serenity,
give it peace of mind


----~~~~~~------ do you have memories of past lives,
i don’t mean like, I was really there, in fact I might say I was never with that man at all, because it is more like a story that my mind came up with, to make sense of things,
but it is connected to being at a baby-sitters house as they drew a picture of their black and white cat whiskers, and I remember the journeys and games we played,
quite well,

----~~~~~~------ now, do you have REAL REAL memories of past lives, where you are certain, certain, YOU were there, just like you are now?

i am thinking about waking life, and while this does not have a real large “point” to it, the post serves as a portal of free-form responses, especially about nostalgia,
Waking Life, they mused, maybe past lives are just stored memories, maybe you are just sympathetic with someone who existed thousands of years ago, but that was never you,
you were somewhere else, or right here right now,
and i think, both are true,
and also I would not limit , “reincarnation” to that of planet Earth, rather, conscious migration from other planets, to come here and learn, too,
what do you ‘think’
and is there anything you ‘know’ or ‘feel’ or ‘re-member’ that you would share ?

i will make a bit of a cautionary tale,
but, some other time, some other place,

what makes you you ?
The ability to think,
what frees you from yourself ?
The ability to cease thinking,
what cleanses your soul ?
abandoning thought, and feeling,
and getting in touch with the bigger, deeper, more mysterious and gracious feeling, that is always there,
that does not think
in this paradox,
what makes you you ?
Your ability to be your own authority, and create your own stories , and have them come true,

so be you, use your mind, and focus in on what you want from this experience, in this body, make it good,
you have as many years left as you wish to have left, and as many experiences as you wish to create,
so find the honest place, and get straight
with yourself ask
why am i here, what do I want ?
there are people that might not ever ask this
and will just be pawns in someone elses dream,
supporting someone elses king, but did you know,
you can play your own game, masterfully?

Wow that really spoke to me. Its strange, but I feel Im on the right path, and over the past few months God is saying keep going. I have worked out alot of negative, and hatefull feelings I have been having, and Im starting to learn how to love my fellow man. My only frustration is it seems nobody other then a few people such as you Eyelids shares my enthuseasum for life. Im playing my own game, and I love it, but my reaction to life is “OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE I EXCIST IN SUCH A MANNER. ITS &*^% AMAZING!!!” When it seems, and maybie thats the point it just “seems” that other peoples reaction is more like “Life? Whats the big deal, its just life”.
I mean Ive been given the gift to LD, and many others. Im playing my own game, and I plane on having many years, and expirances left. I know what you mean. Whats wrong with Christians using the Secound coming of Christ for a reason to really love the gift of life, same as Newagers may use 2012 as an excuse. Its all the same right? We cant denie the evidence of Global warming, and the times. So lets play, and have fun. “MY GOD PEOPLE WERE (&^^& ALIVE!!!”, but you know… Whatever.

P.S. Here latley my dreams have been sooo FUN!! Lastnight I was being chased by cops, hanging off a cliff, and not to mention this very beautyfull dream girl I met. The kind of dream girl that makes your pulse race long after you wake up. So forgive me if I have a hard time hiding my enthuseasum about life.
Yes this place is weird… Thank God were all in this togeather.


all i can say is right on about the enthusiasm,

and watch what you focus upon

i went and saw a girl, typical teenager,
comfortable with being uncomfortable, uncomfortable with being comfortable

if you know what I mean, you might just be liberated :smile:

but if i spend a long time attaching thought-forms and emotions (judgments, observations, you “name” it (get it< name ? > ) then, boom
she is magnetized to me, and all the girls that are like her, are magnetized to me
so why be a magnet to that which is not so cool ?

there are always puppies, they are alive!

I peruse zen koans
I sense a sense of longing,
for the simplicity that reigned for eons, in these stable dwelling places,

was it so ?

Im 50/50 in my spiritual life right now. I mean as far as lucid dreaming, and trying to keep my faith in mankind, and the hope that we are headed for something truly huge in the near futrue, but the other half of me is loosing faith, and life is becoming somewhat mundane. Which I think is because Im fighting my addiction with pain pills, and its pretty hard Eyelids. Ive been clean for a month now, and I hope that this feeling will soon pass. Im trying to clean up my act to be prepaired for whats to come. I know I can do it, I just need a little push in the right direction. So wish me luck friend. I will get through this.

drink lots of water and v8 juice and orange juice and fruit juice and fresh fruits
they heal your soul


I don’t recall any clear memories of the past as of now
but I was there, where peace pervades and there is no chaos as there is here
there is also peace here and now, but there is a mixture in this place
I bring the peace that I know, the peace from within, from all of my deep memories
whereas some bring mostly chaos here, for they forgot about the stillness

I was there in the temples
wandering the hills
singing, laughing
watching and being drenched in the soft rains
while heavenly sunlight pours in from between the clouds
where the long grass sways
and the forests are pure

but here it is much different
there is wild technology and restless people
everyone says times are troubled, they brought it upon themselves
because they hoard, don’t know where the happiness really is
they don’t know how to give to the world:
if they all knew how to give to the world and find where the light really is
there would be no economic strain or crisis
the system would work in harmony

so this is a great lesson in learning for them

I don’t remember exactly where I was, I don’t remember exactly my choices in coming here, but the choices for coming here are simple if you look within.

this was a wonderfully planned life, full of so many details, like the others that I’d meet, whom I’ve met before
my relationships with them; what I learn from knowing them, what they learn from knowing me

also, here is a place where I can gain much knowledge, sources are everywhere, and there are people that may ultimately benefit from knowing me

but Life is the ultimate teacher.

I don’t think I chose to be here, wonder why I’m here?

Are you guys real?

Sonia! So beautiful,
so true,

one time I almost asked my grandpa, walking by a pond with ducks, do you remember when we were Buddhists ?

what did I know ? When I came here,
a tunnel of colors, I am looking to find, again,

we sat by the water each morning,
we said Om,
we chanted,
and at one point the voices all became one,
and I felt such unity,
there is so much going on ,
distorted in the sea of technology ,
instant fixes leave broken addictions,

what has been and become of subtlety ? that which always uplifts ,
is smooth, soft,
that which drowns the noise of machines, if only it could be heard,
symphonies of brother and sister cicadas sing harmoniously as monks in a monastery
from the trees
they drown out the scenery that has been eclipsed by obscenery

and somewhere a woman yells at her children, but has nary the energy to move them into discipline, filled her body with poison, and broken it in the prison of her arm-chair,
and somewhere people are starting to wonder, who are these youth ? they seem to get it,
outleirs as shepherds wondering, where will they be, when will they follow ?
can nature triumph over city ?
can technology = nature,
and bring about sacred harmony ? symmetry, divinity, propserity,
can this world be saved ? or must it be flushed away, so we may start in a very new day ?

and the cars that we drive in, the boxes that we work in, only to accumulate paper merits, they confine the spirit
this is not how it is supposed to be, we know this.

I love you, will you sign this waiver saying you won’t sue m e if I blow you a kiss? But gosh that is so much work, maybe I’ll play the super NES.

what about all the grinning idiots, that get it ? wide eyed staring as babies at the wonder of the world, freed from the confines of the …

sure, i could sit down, you are all the same person, the same woman, the same man
i could give you my love
and you’d maybe swoon, but would you go back to… being you ?

somewhere we unite, at night, in dreams, somewhere is our home, the heaven we long for, the place serene,
because we are here, we know there is something so much more than we have been given
“we are more than the wars of our fathers”
and “i want to live where soul meets body”
and somewhere the prophets speak through their poetry,
and yet also, in duality, they sit in stuffy rooms, being bored,
as if their tedium will bring them rewards,
when the living Light is shining outside,
not indoors, with lifeless utterances of not-heart-felt-words,

there is so much here
so much duality
so much individuality
the ego is that which is often in the way
from love and divinity
can you see you are me ? then you would love me!
but if you open your mouth to speak,
is it something to use to rise above me ?

so many of you
so many of you sleeping at the wheel,
so many of you, so many of you ,

“picture a parachute on a playground,
tiny hands hold round the edges
a fret for every gentle motive
my up high above their heads
on a billowing diaphragm of innocence
and i struggle to catch a glimpse of you
but i’m bound by webs of habit,
gotta, cut away, clear away,
slip away and sever this…”
this ego that causes us to doubt and second guess, that we are not divine,
open our eyes, open our eyes, shine shine, shine,
time to go drink coffee :smile:

i want to go into a computer lab, and touch every beautiful person upon the head, with my hand
i want to be taboo, love must come through

One thing that really anoys me, is it seems most people treat life as if it were a waiting room for death. Sitting around reading magazines while complaining about your problems to the other patiants. Now I am a hypocrite, because I to do the same thing. What Im waiting on is 2012 for life, and people to start living. My sister inlaw has alot of problems, and is seeing a doctor for her mental problem. She is one of those types that cut herself, and attemps suicide. I suggested that we go camping, but they didnt want to. Ive tried to tell her about lucid dreaming, but she wasnt entersted. Why is life so freaking difficult… No life isnt difficult people are. Alot of Christans have the attitude oh things will get better when we die.
What is going on outthere. Why is it so damn hard to be happy? Is anyone truley happy? Life is suppose to be a gift, but why is it so hard to except? People just wake up (not remmbering there dreams, so they get no sattisfaction, other then being unconciouss) go to work, and wait to go back sleep, because why? Life is anoying. I saw a quote that said the deffinition of conssinouss is that anoying time between naps, and it seems that this is true. Im not happy, and I have lots of reasons to be happy. My health, Im married, Im a lucid dreamer, but Im still in my waiting room waiting for death to call my name. Why?

i dunno if we can talk about most people unless we know their thoughts

I remember balance and a time not constrained by flesh.
I felt freedom of energy and the love of sharing myself at the core.

When I anger I feel the meat tighten around me, strangling all that I’ve worked for.
When I love I can feel the margins expanding and the borders of the worlds touch my senses.

Balance is the key and the knowledge of the Universe can turn it.

Love and Light

I have one ancient memory that is real, not like my subconscious memories that are beyond a veil that I have yet to lift.

I only know of it because it is a memory fragment that I remembered when I was very young, maybe around the age of four, maybe I thought of this even beforehand. So, perhaps it is even a memory of a memory.

It is of a very holy place, I must be with many other monks in some sort of a procession, deep someplace, deep in the earth, maybe deep in a chamber of a temple or deep within a mountainside. The first impression that I get is the warmth of the light; it’s very warm in color, very orange from the lamps and candles all around. It’s something like that, I’d like to explore this memory more deeply.

I think this memory was sparked at a young age by the warm lighting of the dining room of my grandmother’s house. But the old memory itself is distinct from this.

See, these old memories are clearest in very young children, so if you can remember being young, you may be lucky enough to remember remembering.

girls girls girls

selling everything but their bodies
with their bodies ,

i stare into the advertisement,
how are you relevant ?
you are beautiful but you are every man’s lowest common denominator

are you my mother, wife, sister, or lover ? why do you smile this way,
you seem to suggest something,
rather obvious ,

as if sex = $ ,
and $ = good
and yet $ =/= food
you cannot eat it

these women , everywhere,
why are you here ?
why did you lie ?

why is simplicity hard, and complication so easy, in this world of man-u-fact-ur-LIED to ,

i mean
meat is good for you
and so are cigarettes
and so is breathing in exhaust fumes

the horrors of this realm are unthinkably vast,
and cause most souls to be compromised in dance with the devil

and they are all because of this : $
quantity , instead of quality ,

you can get away with a terrible product, if the marketing campaign is slick, flash, loud, and has an ensemble of parrots prophesying with propaganda ,

the emperor,

is naked ,

but we cannot seem to see this ,

:eh: :eh: :eh: :eh: :eh: :eh: :eh: 50 average guys are gathered in the name of dumbing down intelligence,
:peek: what about this chap who opens up and looks ?

looks at what is around us ,

the values seem innocent,
eat, work,
reproduce ,

sponsored by the local news ,
brought to you by taco bell,

so we go indoors and look at a picture of the sun,
and recoil in horror if one would suggest that the one outdoors,

is the very one,
we should be focused upon ,
and its a lucrative business

selling pyrite to the people
in exchange for their gold

spreading the news around :confused: :eh: :eh: :eh: :eh: :eek: :eek:
to make sure that they will never know
and of course

those who know what gold is
them kind of folks are strange :woo:
sometimes they is angry :grrr:

maybe they is t :help: he devil ?

their ideas are radical…

what ? go outside in the sun ? that’s not a proper way to worship the sun,

what, take a red pill ?

but … i have to go get my prozac refilled, can it wait ?

all our clothing is perversion ,

if everyone is my sister,
why is she selling herself on the streets, her image frozen for everyone to see
as she has a distorted grin, suggesting something irrelevant ,

what have you done to my sister ? what have you done to our girls ?
why do you play with our desires

like your deeds go unnoticed ? like you can get away with it ,
wash your hands of it, and be clean ?

why did you create this reality ? why did you author all that is obscene?

we want to live in a place untouched by the blind.

and Babylon smiles, frozen in time, the same,
so many faces, selling …

they are commanded not to worship false idols, yet they do it all day long.

Perhaps this is a memory of being in the womb?