Thought I was Lucid!

Ok, Today in class I was in science i was just sitting there and all of a sudden i though i was in a lucid dream!! I was going to punch my teacher but i wasnt sure if i was dreaming. I did several RC 's but i still thought i was in a LD. LOL
( Replies Not Needed But IF You Want You Can)

It would not be funny if would punch a teacher and it would not be a dream :smile:

What RC’s did you use. I have read that very good once are:

  1. Look at your hands , from cataneda
  2. read something, ussualy you can not read anything in adream, it becomes all blure
  3. Look at electronic watch 2 times, you should not seee time or time will be different

I have not gotten mine yet, i hope I can test my theoretical knowlage when i do

Good Luck

:eh: lol… That can’t be good!! Do as many RCs as you can next time (although it would have been fun to have punched your teacher… Well, not for you but… :tongue: )

Im going to punch some of my old teachers my next LD, lol

I tried to make my French teacher explode but it didn’t work!! :tongue:

I swear by doing the nose RC, and doing it twice if you can breathe, just in case.

a good RC it so punch the teacher and see what happenes :content:

lol, try bending your finger back, it might work as a RC