Thoughts on Dream Journals and MILD?

When i first started to practice MILD, I did it kind of half-assed. I would repeat the mnemonic before i fell asleep, but I really didn’t follow the indications given in EWLD by LaBerge. I kept a dream journal, but i didn’t mark down my dreamsigns or tally them. I didn’t really make much effort of doing RCs during the day…

I’m trying to pursue a more “by the book approach” to MILD now. It seems that MILD is the most effective way to cultivate the ability to LD at will. I find it very difficult to remember to perform reality checks, it just never occurs to me. Can anyone offer some of their own MILD experiences, in so far as how closely you followed the directions.

I have very low natural talent as far as LDing is concerned, so I’d appreciate comments from advanced lucid dreamers with little natural ability who’ve been able to increase their abilites. For those of you with 8 LDs a night without even trying… all i can say is- I hate you! :tongue:

Practice, practice and then practice some more and you will get there. But above all else, do not give up.

  1. From what I gather you are keeping a dream journal. (Check very important)
  2. Doing RC while awake (IMO I think you should work on this a little more. I know it hard to remember but, I think it is important. Helps you to critically question your reality)
  3. When you go to sleep at night I think it is important to get yourself into a state of alert relaxation.(I posted a routine for this in the meditation thread)
  4. Now that you are very relaxed it is time to start the “next time I am dreaming I will realize I am dreaming mantra as you drift off to sleep.

Just a quick outline. (It’s very late here and milod is getting tired)You should also read the big MILD topic.

You might want to learn about meditation or self hypnosis. Booth are very helpful for LD ing.

I like WILD the best for trying to induce LD’s at will. (Though MILD can do this as well)
WILD has a cool side effect to it. If you let go too much and fall asleep some times you still become lucid later. So in a way it also acts like MILD.

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Hi Gryphon,

I want you to know that I am in the same situation the you ahve been in. Until recently, I have been keeping a dream journal - but lately I’ve been busy and it has suffered in detail somewhat. Also, RC has not worked for me and I have been lax in doing it as of late. I have had a few LDs awesome experiences but they are few and far between. MILD has not worked for me - only WILD has…with a few spontaneous DILDs.

BTW -I have been trying to LD since mid January.

I am going to try what Milod suggests and do a little self-hypnosis before bed-time so when I suggest “The next time I am dreaming I will rememebr I am dreaming” my mind will really absorb it.

BTW - I am thinking about getting Laberge’s Hypnosis/dream sign creation cd…

best of luck :wink:

i guess i fall into the category as an LDer with little natural ability. i haven’t gotten to where i can LD at will or anything, but i’ve had my share of LDs

and to tell you the truth, when i started out i went sorta “by the book” taking down my dreams and documenting all my dream signs, doing reality checks etc. nowadays i simply find it to be enough to simply write down a dream. i don’t go back and read over my dreams half as much as i probably should, but i find just the act of writing them down has an positive effect

i’m all for disciplining yourself, but a “by the book” approach doesn’t work for everybody. not to take anything away from laberge, but he doesn’t know everything. he can’t write a book and say “this will work for everyone” so i guess what i’m saying is take from “the book” what works for you :smile:

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This is definitely true. Use what you read as a guideline and mix and match things until you find a way that feels right to you.

The most important things for MILD (striped down to nuts and bolts):

  1. is to develop a critically reflective attitude (I believe that is the term Labarge uses. I call it learning to critically question your reality)
  2. to firmly remember to realize you are dreaming while dreaming.

I’ve been practcing for a year and half (I think). But I keep practicing.

Actually, I think the simpler the mantra, the better, becasue if its hard to remember the mantra whats the point! lol. So, I found that saying “I am dreaming” over and over and over. Actually, I some mantra the first time and it worked. And, not only that but, I did it right as I went to bed, I mean I was not asleep before that. I mean, this mantra is 3 words only… so its easy to get stuck in your head :wink:

I usually use something along the lines of “The next time I dream I will remember that I’m dreaming.”

The important thing is to set your intention to realize you are dreaming the next time you are dreaming. How ever you do that is ok. Saying Im dreaming over and over works too. A lot of people who WILD will count one im dreaming, two im dreaming… and fall asleep but later wake up in there dreams.

I hope the OP sees this message…

I have no natural ability. It took me 7 months of religiously logging my dreams before I had my first LD (2 years ago). It then took me 6 months to get my 2nd LD. After that the rate increased slowly but surely. My 2003 average was one every 2 weeks. Now in the last 3 months I’ve hit the big time (relatively), with 11-14 per month, one every few days.

The only technique that has worked for me is MILD. Just simply repeating “Notice I’m dreaming” etc. while falling asleep. The more I think and read about LDing during the day also seems to help a lot.

I tried VILD, no luck. WILD is not a good technique for me, because I don’t have a regular sleep schedule, I sleep when my body needs it, 10 hours during the daylight isn’t unheard of. I don’t want to wake it up with artificial methods like an alarm.

To this day, I basically do exactly what you say in your first paragraph, half-assed. I’ve never read EWLD nor any other LD book. Tons of reading online though.

Anyway apart from the above, I just wanted to tell you a good trick for remembering to do RCs during the day. If you use a Windows computer and use it often, you can use the task scheduler to make alarms on your computer. Find “Scheduled Tasks” in the Start menu, and create as many alarms as you want, hourly, bi-hourly, whatever.

Oddly, when I tried that for a few days a month ago, it didn’t seem to help. In fact it seemed to hinder, as if my mind just OD’d on LDing and refused to have any. I just simply don’t seem to repeat such daytime activities in dream consciousness. Of course I gave up on it after two days, so take my experience with a grain of salt.

You’re giving me hope…thanks for posting about this…!

LD ing is not as hard as most people think. Don’t worry I think you will progress very well. You are all ready doing quite well in a short period of time.

Ah Milod you’re always so encouraging! :wink:

Seriously, I’m trying really hard…maybe too hard!

It’s so frustrating though…last night I had such an odd dream…I SHOULD have realized I was dreaming, but didn’t :eh:

I’m still keeping the dream journal, although I usualyl jot down a sentence or two upon waking up and expand on it later. I think the dream journal may reap long term rewards but short term, I ahven’t seen mch results. As I ahve posted previously, I have found WILD to have more potential with me but I haven’t had a succesfull WILD in about 2 weeks… maybe tonight! :neutral:

Consider it a sign; I’m sure you’ll have a lucid dream in a few nights! :grin:

LOL- I don’t know…most of my dreams are really odd and my darn critical faculty doesn’t kick in!


I know you are doing a lot of work with WILD but are you still doing RC and keeping a dream journal.

Also when you wake up and realize you missed a obvious dream sign just affirm that next time you will recognize it.

I write all my recurring dream signs in my dream journal every night. It also might be a good I idea if you go back and read entries about your successful LD ‘s. Might give you some positive reenforcement.

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Hi Milod,
Yes, I am still doing RCs about 12 a day…I also try to find times during the day to reflect that all things could be a dream.

I am going to look back at my past LDs for reinforcement…the problem is they are mostly WILDs.

My dreamsigns are so diverse, I almost never get the same ones. Thanks for writing.


Don’t worry you all ready know that you can have LD ’s. A lot of people find that there LD ‘s are a bit sporadic at first. But they get better with time and, yes the word everyone hates “practice”.
But, You will get better at it.

Happy Dreaming