Three LD in one night (questions about LD's too)

I did WBTB for an hour, went back to sleep- and i had a very long LD. I woke up after that, sat up for a minute just thinking about everything that happened, and went back to sleep again- and had another long LD. I did the same thing when i woke up, went back to sleep- and had another LD, they kept getting more and more vivid- and I remember at the point where i realized i was dreaming inside of the dream everything became very very detailed and colorful (like normal), so I know for certain they were Lucid at least. I spent the rest of the dream exploring my own house just seeing what was different, and then had fun flipping over my banisters. It was an interesting sensation- Because for some reason I kept chickening out doing the flip and I would end up landing on my back. I was scared of pain? Also, when I noticed the world fading i tried spinning around but it kept fading so i tried to ‘summon’ a mirror. (I have had some luck summoning things) Usually when they appear, they are all fuzzy and skattered looking, like ethereal almost and are unusuable or recognizible. To my suprise- I was able to summon a “mirror”-ish looking object… It was a mirror alright- But miniture overview of a city was inside. I quickly ran into the mirror- and my dream world was back to being vivid, I had saved myself from waking up.

1.) Is it normal to have 3 LD’s in one night?
2.) Does anyone else have a problem with chickening out of things they are going to do even though they realize its a dream?
3.) Does anyone else have a problem with talking to dream characters? (With me for instance, they don’t reply to question I ask only if it’s about getting somewhere with lucid dreaming. i.e. How does it feel to be in a dream?)
4.) Has anyone had success ‘summoning’ objects?
5.) Has anyone had success staying inside the LD when they do mirror travel?

I think thats it. lol.

  1. Sometimes it happens. shrugs

  2. Yes, that’s because you aren’t very highly lucid. You didn’t fully realize that it was a dream and the consequences.

  3. Dunno.

  4. Plenty of people! Plenty of people also have trouble.

  5. Odd that you woke up. Usually people have no problems going through mirrors. Never mind though, you’ll get the hang of it :smile: .

3 in one night, thats fantastic, congrats.


i don’t think your experience was a question of you not being “fully lucid” (i’m not sure what that means anyway assuming it means anything at all), it sounds like you were fairly present in the dream, it seems more to me that it’s a question of confidence, ie you don’t trust your abilities quite yet

example: just last night i had an LD where i was flying. i’m fairly good at flying, it’s the dream activity i’m best at. but i landed on a building and looked over the edge and contemplated jumping. the first thought that came to my mind was “what if i can’t?” i had to fly to get on top of that building and then all of a sudden i was worried that i might have lost the ability, pretty irrational to say the least

i jumped anyway, flew just fine the first time (in fact i think i kinda over compensated) tried it again and i floated to the ground, struggling to get into the air the whole time i was descending, but for some reason once i landed, i could take off again just fine. it’s just a game you have to play w/ your mind, it’s not used to being able to do these “impossible” things, you’ve gotta train it to accept the impossible

there’s a difference between knowledge and understanding. we can KNOW it’s a dream, but if that knowledge was the only thing that was important… well… we’d all be master LDers wouldn’t we? the masters are the ones who know AND understand

my dream characters usually don’t respond to me if i tell them i’m dreaming, they usually just look at me weird. but if i ask them something that went along w/ the theme of the dream, they’re much more helpful and talkative

once or twice, i’m not very good at it. i haven’t gotten to the point where i can point and have something appear before my eyes. but i can think about something and turn a corner and it be there

Fully lucid means that you understand that you are dreaming and that nothing you do will have any consequences. It is partly confidence, yes.

i was being rhetorical when i said i didn’t know what “fully-lucid” meant. i’ve heard my share of interpretations of what it means to be “fully-lucid” i haven’t been particularly satisfied with any of them, which is why i’m inclined to think that it doesn’t really mean anything, at least in any useful capacity

abstract concepts can’t really be explained in a definition so terse, assuming they could be explained in words at all

what is love ???

If it makes you feel better, I tend to chicken out of flying until i summon more mental will to do it. My dream body tends to slowly sink toward ground level unless I keep telling myself the heights are not real and that i will not fall. Even so i tend to hover and fly low…meh.

Also, a lot of my DCs tend to reply in gibberish anyway.

WTG on having 3 in one night! I’d say that’s normal, except often we don’t remember all of our dreams :wink:

Yeah, I’ve had that quite a few times. I mean, I don’t have lucid dreams particularly often (I don’t keep any record but I would guess every week or couple of weeks) but, when I do have a ‘lucid night’, I’ve often had a few different lucid dreams on the same night (quite often by ‘waking up’ after a lucid dream but then thinking ‘hang on a minute, I’m still dreaming!’) I guess some nights our brains are just in the right state of mind to pick up on these things???

That’s usually considering one lucid dream, because it is in one REM period overall.

First congratulations on your LD’s. :partying_face: Keep practicing and things will get better from here. As soon as you find your self in a LD the first thing you can do is do something to stabilize the dream and increase your lucidity this should help you with controlling you dream. The rest is practice and experience. I takes a little time to get used to the dream world but, the more LD ‘s you have the better your dream control will get and your LD’s will get much more vivid.
1.) It is absolutely normal. In fact on nights I have LD ’s I seldom have only one. At least 2 and I have had as many as 6.
2.) First let me say that I do not think that your problem here was a lack of lucidity. When I first had LD ‘s I had great dream control and flying came easily to me but, I could not fly indoors. I either had to walk out side or go through a wall out side to fly. Often when you first start to have LD’s you still tend to carry baggage(rules and expectations) from your waking life with you. Don’t worry in time you will realize that waking rules have no hold on you. You can do what ever you want and the worst that can happen is you will wake up.
3.) Set the baggage down. Remember you are the boss here expect the DC to respond the way you want them to and they will. (You might have lost some lucidity here) When ever you find that the dream is not responding the way you want do something to stabilize the dream and increase lucidity. One time I tried an experiment I read somewhere I think it was EWLD where the dreamer was at a family reunion and they were all having a boring conversation and the dreamer ordered everyone to have a more interesting conversation and they did. I did a similar thing in one of my LD’s and it worked like a charm.
4.) No problem at all. You just have to fully expect the object you want to appear. In time you will be summoning people, things and even hole dream scenes. Just keep practicing.
5.) I have not tried this one yet.

Happy Dreaming

  1. Yes, it’s normal. It’s not extremely common for me, but not uncommon either.
  2. Occasionally, yes. :shy:
  3. I don’t bother much. They usually say what I expect or don’t say anything at all. However, occasionally a maverick DC will do something of his or her own volition that’s completely unexpected.
  4. Yes, I can summon objects. I mostly do this by placing my hand in front of my field of vision where I want something to appear, then move my hand away and the object appears. It’s even easier to summon people by walking around a corner and expecting to see them or imagining that they’re opening a door.
  5. Sort of. I walk through walls to go into different places, and I always stay in the LD.