Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

An Acrobat download of the publication by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is hyperlinked somewhere on the Ld4all web site. I am sorry, but I can’t find it now. I am re-reading it at this time, and the quotes below are from it. Although almost incomprehensible upon first contact, and always strange to Occidentals, upon repeated scrutiny timeless wisdom can be found therein.

“In the first moment of any experience, before a reaction occurs, there is only pure perception. The prana involved in this pure experiencing is the primordial wisdom prana, the energy that underlies experience prior to or free of grasping or aversion. This pure experience does not leave a trace and is not the cause of any dream. The wisdom prana moves in the central channel and is the energy of rigpa*. This moment is very brief, a flash of pure experience of which we are usually unaware. It is our reaction to this moment, our grasping and aversion, that we think of as our experience.”

*rigpa (Tib., rig pa; Skt., vidya). Literally, “awareness” or “knowing.” In the Dzogchen teachings, rigpa means awareness of the truth, innate awareness, the true nature of the individual.

Antonym; ma-rigpa (Tib., ma rig pa; Skt., avidya). Ignorance. The lack of knowledge of the truth, of the base, the kunzhi**. Often two categories of Ma-rigpa are described: innate ignorance and cultural ignorance.
**kunzhi (Tib., kun gzhi). In Bön, the kunzhi is the base of all that exists, including the individual. It is not synonymous with the alaya vijnana of Yogacara, which is more akin to the kunzhi namshe (see below). The kunzhi is the unity of emptiness and clarity, of the absolute open indeterminacy of ultimate reality and the unceasing display of appearance and awareness. The kunzhi is the base or ground of being.

kunzhi namshe (Tib., kun gzhi rnam shes; Skt., alaya vijnana). The kunzhi namshe is the basic consciousness of the individual. It is the “repository” or “storehouse” in which the karmic traces are stored, from which future, conditioned experience arises.

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did you need the link? i got a bit confused of what you are trying to say in the post here. i would love to discuss anything about this, though i probably should do a double reading. i understand this subject very good.

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This book is the most articulate statement about Tibetan dream yoga I had read until then. The quoted passage was so well written I could only copy it verbatim. Hopefully, this short passage leads others to further readings. Has it been a month? It has felt like an eternity. I am prepared to wait a long time for results. Enlightenment comes in a flash, but the wait can be years, and the sad truth is, it doesn’t happen at all to some dream yogis.

hahah theres nothing sad about it.
keep your focus on the progress you are going through :content: