-=~..~=-TiMe YoUr LuCiD DrEaM-=~..~=-

[color=blue][b]Is anyone willing to be a guinea pig for me to test how long Lucid Dreams really are? The next time you enter a Lucid Dream summon a watch that beeps every minute or so. Count the beeps and when you wake up post it here. That’s only one way to (try to) measure time during a Dream.

*I will give you a cookie if you try it and report back :content:[/b][/color]
Actually I probably won’t be able to give you anything… just try anyways hehe

I want a cookie :mrgreen_hat: Lol, I will try to summon a watch and count time the next time I have an LD.


AnyoNe ElSE?

Haven’t been in a LD for 3 months, but next time I get one I’ll do this.

Hmm I like the idea a lot. However, this would mean we would have to have an accurate sense of what a minute is. BenDrummin has offered ways to ensure that our brains can properly measure a minute, you should try to get him on this as well.
I’ll try it the next time I’m lucid :smile:

Even if our brain CAN measure a minute, wich I’m sure it can, It doesn’t mean the watch will beep at that interval. It’s a very uncertain method, much like summoning a watch to just look at the time. It makes more sense to have a IRL signal that indicates a minutes passing. Maybe something like a modified nova dreamer or something.

I think minute is too big amount of time. Some people tried to create a device that counts down time to wakeup. Most of the times it was random. One look says 20 minutes, next one 20 seconds. Time is not stable in dream. Even if dream lasts 30 seconds, it can feel like a hour. Estimating a minute can be too hard. There are some interesting stuff from lucidity.com

My last LD was in the morning (after my alarm told me to wake up). In my dream I realised that i should wake up :tongue: I woke up +/- 20 min after falling to sleep again. It felt like +/- 10 min. But I probably forgot some moments so that’s not so weird.

My friend fell asleep in class in 5 minutes and he said it felt like 20 minutes. :neutral: :confused:

I went to sleep in a car and when I was woken up it felt like I had been in there all day but only around ten minutes had passed.

Thats awesome :happy:

Once, I was dozing off in class (but not quite asleep) and one of my friends nudged me after my eyes involuntarily fell closed and asked, “Did you get all that or should I write you a page?”. It only felt like 2 or 3 seconds, but when I looked at the clock, it was about 7 minutes. I need more sleep. (Maybe that’s why I have so many dryspells?)