Tips for Waking up Happier?

I’ve spent the last few months being quite on and off with the LDing, but with a bit of success. The main reason that I feel I can’t keep it up though is due to my early work hours. I have to wake up at 4:45, and when I try to lay still and recall the previous nights dreams I can hear the nagging in the back of my mind that I have to hurry up and get ready for another miserable day of work, and that makes RCing very frustrating and difficult (but I do get there in the end).
I can’t go to sleep very early as limited space means that my other half would have to too, since he watches TV etc. in the bedroom. It may seem stupid, but I’ve gotten so frustrated with my problem that for a good few weeks I pretty much stopped remembering dreams altogether, and was glad of it, which is obviously not what I want! Is there anyone who has been in a similar situation who has any advice?

I managed to have a spontaneous LD last night which has really made me want to try harder, I just wish I wasn’t so damn emo when I wake! :wink:

Good topic!

I’ve been trying to train my body to require less sleep so that I wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to go. What works for me is setting the intention before I lay down on my bed. The intention can be anything from “I’m going to get a restful sleep and wake up early feeling refreshed” to “I’m going to have lots of interesting and transcendental dreams tonight”.

The way I set the intention is similar to creating a memory hook. A memory hook is when you intentionally create space in your mind to remember something. For example, if I want to remember where I put my keys or parked my car I mentally ‘burn’ or etch it into my memory.

If I want a guaranteed good nights sleep I just take 1 or 2 melatonin tablets. I must warn you though that if you do this you can only do it occasionally. If you do it too often your body will stop producing it naturally. I also turn off any wireless devices in my home each night (modem/phone) and sleep with the light off. Sometimes it helps to sleep with the window and blinds partially open to allow in the fresh air and sunlight in the morning.

Thanks for the advice 1move!

I woke up frustrated again this morning, but I did have a terrible nights sleep, and I think I’ve realized what the main problem I have for RCing is: When my alarm goes off, I see to turning it off first and sit up in bed. It’s ofly after a few seconds that I actually remember to RC! I just can’t get in the habbit, but I’m sure if I woke up every morning with great RC I would be in a better mood, so I suppose the answer is just practice practice practice…

Bah, 6 months in and I’m still a noob! Must try harder!! :wink:

Not having enough time to sleep is enough to kill my DR and my mood :sad: . For me they are very closely related, if I wake up and remember even one interesting dream that can be enough to get me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

The only things I can think of at the moment would be trying not to go to bed too late, maybe meditating a bit before bed as that can help clear the mind to get a more peacful night of sleep, and some auto-suggestions like 1Move said.

I’m 5 years and a half in and still think I’m a noob sometimes :rofl:. Whenever I feel I’m starting to make progress I think to myself “hey, maybe I’m getting a bit better, finally!” and my mind/SC goes “nope! Dryspell for you! :truit:

Anyway, best of luck.

Yes! that is exactly how I feel at the moment!

It’s kind of worrying that after 51/2 years you still feel like a noob! :neutral: :tongue:
I take it though, that given the right amount of sleep you can RC easily? (or easyish)? I heard that it will just come naturally with practice but maybe that is an over exaggeration?

Okay, just an update:

Last night I made sure I went to bed early and have a good nights sleep, (even though everyone else was up which made me feel like a child!) I decided to use my boyfriends progressive/smart alarm on his phone instead of my horrible one, and I have to say, it worked great!!

Woke up two or three times in the night and wrote in my DJ, then when the alarm went off it was so nice and peaceful I’m kind of surprised it woke me at all! :tongue: Ended up with 6 NDs including a few parts with missed LD opportunities (bah!) but I feel happy anyway. :smile:

Progressive alarms are the way forward! :wink:

Well, I’m exaggering a bit myself :lol:. With enough sleep and little or no stress in my life it’s not usually too hard for me to get lucid (not counting dry spells which probably happen to everyone except those people who only dream lucid :roll: ). I feel more like a noob because it’s hard for me to stay in the dream long enough, or to get a decent level of lucidity. A great majority of my LD’s are very short, or I wake up after seconds or a few minutes, or I get taken away by the dream and lose the lucidity. I do get a LOT of semi-lucid or false lucid. In most of my dreams I have super powers and have that feeling in the back of my mind that I can’t get hurt.

Plus everyone has their speed (or so I try to convince myself! :lol: ). I’ve read of many people who’ve had fewer than 10 LD’s and they seem a lot longer and more stable than mine… The best LD’ers I’ve seen have been doing it for, maybe, 10 or even 20 years, so it’s a life long skill and I’m sure sooner or later we’ll get to the point of having awesome lucid dreams every single night!

Enough about that, congrats on your night! I’ve never used a progressive alarm, but it does seem like a great idea. There are also alarms that try to wake you up at the right time, depending on when you go to sleep, to try and wake you in a lighter sleep stage, I’ve heard that’s very good too. ND’s is a lot! Focus on that and FORGET about the missed LD opportunity. In my experience fociusing on the tiny good stuff every night instead of the big obvious “you didn’t get lucid!” one, really helps with motivation and avoiding frustration, which will in turn help you maintain more effort longer before burning out.

About writing down dreams in the middle of the night, I’be found it helps a lot. It’s actully pretty counter intuitive to me. When I wake up in the middle of the night and am very sleepy I usually think “I’m sleepy, I should just sleep again to regain my energy”. But when I’m able to force myself to get up and record at least a few quick notes about my dream I end up much more refreshed in the morning :confused:

(woops, long post… :whistle: )

Boo, I just typed a long reply and deleted it by mistake! :help:

Oh well, pretend I said something nice about how all we need to do is practice and we’ll all be better LDers for it! :tongue:

I looked into that sort of alarm that tracks your sleeping, but I think that it will keep me up more than anything. I know I would just lay there thinking ‘does it know I’m awake?? What if the alarm goes off?? What’s the time??’ etc etc. (Why I never look at the the time after I’ve gone to bed!) besides, I think the ones that monitor your movement have to be in the bed with you, with the screen turned on, and I don’t really fancy it… Let me know how useful they are if you end up using one though! :smile:

I hate that Eterna! I usually copy my posts if they are long just for that reason!

Progressive alarms are good for experimenting and becoming more aware about the nature of dreams. If I hit snooze about 5 times with each gap 10 minutes long I pick up on the dreams easier.

6 ND’s is a nice effort especially if you remembered some of them, even more so with missed opportunities! The fact the opportunity was there and your able to recognize that shows how close you are to having another LD, and how it’s likely to happen again.

I agree with Mattias not to underestimate the power of ND’s. Some of my best and most memorable dreams have been ND’s including the very first time I flew! I’ve also had many transcendental dreams which have been non-lucid that are awe-inspiring, spiritually uplifting and beyond my wildest dreams.

Well I had it all highlighted ready for copying lol!

I don’t really do snooze, I find it makes me really tired when I eventually get up. :sad:

Having NDs is nice and everything but at the moment mine just seem to be weird and boring at the same time. I think I’m just impatient for a nice dream LD or no. Meh, I’m sure one will come.

…Btw 1Move, I just noticed your LD count…Yikes! :neutral: