To much

I was wondering if it was possible to try too hard to lucid dream? and what peoples thoughts were on putting too much effort into trying, EG too many reality checks a day.

I think if you’re trying “too hard” and not getting results taking a brake might be an idea :smile: but if it’s working and you’re getting better at LD’ing then keep at it!!

it terms of RC’s the problem might be if you do so many RC’s that it becomes natural and you don’t think about it. The idea of a RC is to question yourself if it’s a dream. If you look at your hands without questioning yourself for real, you might do that in a dream and not get lucid (been there, done that :shy: )

Too much effort , or rather the wrong kind of effort will result in frustration which in turn will lead to decreased LD frequency…
So yes , it is possible and actually rather common with beginnersaccording to my personal experience on this board (like new Flute pupils who try to get the tone by forcing instead of guiding the air )

that was very well put indeed! :ok:

That was nicely put, Sakoda!
Yes, you can try too hard. I did when I started, then took a break and got my first LD! :tongue:
If it works for you though, then keep at it!
Good luck!

The more thoughts you have about being lucid throughout the day, the more likely those thoughts are to carry through into the dreaming state. So in that sense, you can never do too many RCs. Spend your whole day living lucidly as long you have the time and enthusiasm for it :smile:

You can’t force yourself to have a lucid dream though. That’s when frustration can creep in.

Thanks ShaDre & Matt :happy:
@Zippy true enough , it is just very important for the RCs never to become mere routine ( I am talking about the physical part here) , so , when you RC really ask youself that one crucial question : In Which level of ^Realitty^ am I currently ?

I disagree, i think that the only time trying hard to LD is bad is if you’re trying to force it. if you try hard and get discouraged when it doesn’t happen, then that’s bad, but if you keep a good attitude and know that your work will pay off eventually, then i don’t think it’s a problem.

i agree with what zippy said. :content:

If you try too hard to have a lucid dream, it might result in the exact opposite as you previously hope. Like me, when I started induction techniques, I think I just tried too hard to get an LD. I didn’t force myself I just tried too hard. In fact I was extremely optimistic. What happened after that was the next one of the half weeks, I couldn’t recall any dreams. Only feelings and fragments. But now it’s slowly recovering. So, best thing is to not try too hard.

Thanks for the replys guys they’ve helped alot,I don’t think I try too hard but the other day I cut down the amount of RC and don’t read up on it all night and I did have a LD :smile: