Toilets/bathrooms in dreams

I’ve had loads of dreams about toilets, one was in meadowhall, and I couldnt find it anywhere, and then i was suddenly there, and jennifer anniston was there and she made me go in the end cubicle, it was a really tall and wide bowl, and had to climb for ages to get to it, went to the toilet, woke up, and screamed cos i thought i would have wet the bed, didnt liuckily, though there was the time i was drunk and dreamt about going to the toilet…ill not go into that :shy:

I had a dream the other day about the toilet in my house and it was barbie sized and all rusty, yeah, most of my bathrooms are rusty too, i wonder why, ive never seen a real toilet like that.

The next time anyone here is lucid, ask a dc why some ppls toilets are always dirty!!!

I’ve never dreamt of dirty toilets. My bathroom dreams are almost always the same though: The bathrooms are huge and elaborate and very unlike any bathrooms you’d ever see. The stalls are all messed up though and either the partitions are unfrosted glass so people can see you or the glass is frosted but only covers half of the stall. And people are ALWAYS looking at me and I am so annoyed and pissed off and frustrated. And after all the hassle, I usually just walk out without using the bathroom at all.

Yup… same to me. Actualy i have a vage memory of the toilet… and it was clean…
Where did you guys heard that theory about dirty things in your dreams?

very very werid! mostly clean, toilets always left me pondering how to …proceed, and usually for both genders

They’re always in busy places with no door or one of the walls is like a window. People are everywhere and there’s no privacy.

i’ve had dreams where they are both dirty and clean. They usually seem to fit the surroundings for me.

EG: personal toilets/home toilets are generally clean where as public toilets tend to be dirty. Just like RL :neutral:

Has any of you ever actually felt the sensation of fuly going to the toilet in a dream? Oh and everyone who hasn’t answered the first question answer that two…I’m compiling an average thingy!!!

I have yes. Most of the time i “use” a toilet in a dream i get that sensation i’m happy to say that not one of those times have i ever wet the bed lol.

I guess i’m lucky in that respect LMAO :tongue: :cool_laugh:

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Whenever I use the toilet in a dream, it feels like it kinda hurts, like I shouldn’t be doing it…its kinda like the feeling you get when you really need the toilet and your bladder really hurts…but while I’m peeing!!! ko, too much info!
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Well, for me, toliet are generally clean.

But the areas around them - that’s another matter.

they may be missing walls (or the walls may be low down), doors (or the doors may be transparent). And toliets/bathrooms usually have lots of people in them.

I am too one of the lucky people who doesn’t wet myself when I dream about it. Cos then I’d be wetting myself a lot :eh:.

Lol, yes that’s in RL too.

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But I always have longer messages than my sig…'cos I always ramble on about everything, I’m just like I am in real life…I never shut up!

Anyway…has anyone ever had a dream in which their toilet doors have been completely normal? You know, no half doors, no rust on the walls, no transparent cubicles, no big tower thing that you have to climb up to get to the actual toilet?

Has anyone ever dreamed of a COMPLETELY normal toilet?

I never have…not once…stupid wierdo toilets.

damn mine are like that in real life :wink:

only time i used a toilet in my dream was when i had a dream that i was doing this marathon run and i had to jump down a toilet as part of the race and i came out the other side onto a path and i carried on the marathon like it was normal, and the toilet was clean (thank god lol)

I had a normal toliet in a dream before, a long time ago (in a dream far far away :eh:). Though in the dream I was a overweight, which isn’t something I’m use too :uh:. Infact… I think the power rangers played some sort fo part in that dream… :…:

There’s a dream in my DD about me being chased through a maze of toilets…it was cool.


The only “normal” bathroom dream I had was a semi-lucid one. It was my bathroom at home and everything was as it should be. I spent most of the (short) dream manipulating the light switch and toliet seat with a wave of my arm. Telekinesis in dreams is COOL!

I’ve used one of the toilets in my RL home many times in a dream. I too get that sensation but don’t ever actually wet the bed. I do wake up most the time in panic cause I’m afraid I’m actually going to though. I lay there for a second frantically checking for a wet spot then go use the RL toilet just to be safe.

That was too personal…

hehehe… this is a funny topic. yes this has happened to me many many times… but i always wake up when my dreams are like this.

i think when i was a kid i actually pissed the bed,…