Toilets/bathrooms in dreams

The only dream I can recall with toilets or showers was this one from when I was about 10… I was in a brick room and all on the ceiling were hanging toilets… Thank god they were empty… :eek:

A few nights ago, I dreamt of some public toilets. There were lots of cubicles - atleast 10, most of them engaged. At the end of the room i saw some cubicles with the doors open. But there were no toilets inside them, just a stone tiled floor. They were empty and apparently ladies would sometimes use these when the toilets were busy. :eek:

When I dream about toilets, my dream won’t allow me to get into one (this usually because in WL I need to go badly)

In my dreams, the toilets are just… normal. Recently during a FA, I went to the bathroom and it was clean. Maybe it’s just one of those things which is different for each person shrugs.

Whenever i dream of a toilet it is either rediculously large, or extremely tiny. Maybe this reflects how bad i have to go! :tongue:

I’ve only ever seen a toilet in my dreams once, when I was about 8 or so. I found a decent one, and then flushed myself down it to see where it would take me… Too bad I don’t remember where it took me. :tongue:

I don’t think I’ve ever went to a bathroom in my dreams before…

For me in a dream pretty much anything that holds water is a restroom. I don’t often dream about restrooms but when i do they are always in highly public areas and exposed on all sides, I remember once finding a small fountain in the middle of an open air market place and waking up before actually getting to use it, the idea I think is kinda like using a tree in RL, guess I am just not very picky and very confident in my dreams.

I generally wake up when searching for a bathroom in dreams.

that was a terrifying experience… I was going, and turned lucid, and just went, “uh oh, probably doing this in RL”

I wasn’t. Phew.

The last time I went to the bathroom in a dream, someone kept trying to barge in while I was going pee. Eventually I just blockaded the door and went. No pee in real life, so good times.

I tend to find that the restrooms in my dreams are huge and maze-like. Last night I dreamt of a recurring misplaced restroom in my school (it frequently pops up where the lost and found is meant to be) which was out of order, but I managed to find a properly placed one and actually use it (a rare occurrence, iirc), only to wake up half way through (thankfully dry IRL :wink:).

Bathrooms in my dreams are the exact opposite. They are usually tiny and full of lots of people. One time a bathroom actually had a TV in it. :content:

I dont remember of having dreaming of bathroom. Usually I pee everywhere I want … lol

dreams about bathroom were more nightmares to me.last time dreamin one were when i was 6,7years old.
I am home alone feeling strange.going to check the bathroom and see a cigaret burnout on the toilet seat.I flush it and get out of bathroom.suddenly everything around me starts shaking and i cannot open door from my apartment.then i open toilet door and see big black shapeless round and tall creature with red dot .boogie man from childhood it was.THE TOILET MONSTER buuuuuuu(ha ha ha.)

my latest …

I only dreamt about bathroom visits twice(and in the same night at that), and they were…messy. :meh:

i only remember one dream where i dreamt about bathrooms in particular. i was at this bar and i had ordered steak and eggs (not that i can get into bars, nor would i order steak and eggs). i went into the women’s washroom but all they had were urinals and i didn’t want to pee standing up so i just left.

I had a dream last night where I was in a toilet. The toilet itself wasnt strange at all but my chemistry teacher was there so it was a regular nightmare :panic:

Toilet dreams, unfortunately, happen a lot for me. 90% of the time they are not only dirty, but completely public-- as in, all of the toilets just out in the open, no stalls, people showering nearby, no barriers except for the occasional wall to make it maze-like and confusing. o_0

Now that I look back on it- thats all correct. Public toilets are always dirty in my dreams OR there is some evil person/thing trying to kill me in the restroom. Weird x 1000. :neutral: