is it possible to have a LD tonight How??

Yea of course it is, if you want a lucid dream tonight you should make it clear to your mind that you WILL have a LD tonight. Why not even write it here as a reply so you can read it back and it will hopefully stuck in your memory to your dream. :smile:

I WILL HAVE A LUCID DREAM. That one’s just for me.

I Will have a Lucid Dream tonight! And i will remember my lucid dream!

Heh. I’m gonna have a lucid dream tonight, too. Hopefully by tomorrow you and I will have had our first molin! :smile:

I just found and started to read this thread. I WILL HAVE MY FIRST LUCID DREAM TONIGHT!!

it’s important to believe it! and at night you could repeat it as a mantra before sleeping, believe it and imagine it happening; that’s autosuggestion. if you use it with WBTB you could get a MILD, renember in this case to repeat and visualize your objetive as you fall asleep, but be sure to fall asleep, make it your first priority, or you wont sleep or it will be hard to. shut off your mind slightly as you repeat the mantra, :grin: just try to make the “i will have a lucid dream( you could add “i will realize im dreaming” in it)” your last thought

I remember there were periods of time in which I had completely forgotten about RCs and therefore there was no chance for me to have DILD, and also I hadn’t practiced WILD that much and yet there were nights in which I REALLY wanted to LD. So the technique that I would always do in those cases was MILD. So try it out, it’s actually a very good tech even though it can be a bit tedious to repeat a phrase over and over again but at least you don’t have to worry too much about anything else, you just suddenly pop into an LD :tongue:

Yeah my problem last night was that I couldn’t get to sleep repeating my mantra (I had woken up after a dream due to autosuggestion) despite not doing a WBTB or anything.

After a couple of hours I couldn’t stop saying the mantra to myself :lol: even when I’d started to think about other things.

You don’t have to repeat the mantra until you fall asleep , it’s might be even better to stop repeating the mantra in your head just before sleeping. So you’re brain can relax a bit.

Hopefully you will have a lucid dream! Try and have a goal or a good reason to have a lucid dream other than ‘just for fun’. This can cause big motivations and thus increase your chances of success. Also, do not underestimate MILD. It is a very powerful tool and it is at your disposal. Don’t be worried if it doesn’t work the first time.