Training Inside a LD?

I would really care to know who has trained something inside one of there LD’s, like weather it was sports, video games, dancing, whatever! I just want to know what you guys have done and how well it has worked out for you because I was thinking about trying it out.

While I don’t usually bother with in-dream training, I know Lucidity_Master works on his golf pretty regularly. In fact, training can be one of the great benefits to LD’s. The only thing it doesn’t do is tone the muscles used for whatever sport or game; everything else, however, transfers from dreams to RL pretty nicely.

Wow! I find that just incredible that your brain can transfer that into experience while your asleep! Guess I have got to try that out! :happy:

When i get good at LD’s i will practice my football skills!

I want to practice my guitaring in LD’s if I get there…

I think the concept is amazing. I plan on getting Bruce Lee to teach me Martial arts. I noticed on some of the ads here, one of them talkes about how you can use that to your advantage to improve different things.