transition from closed eye visuals

I do night shift at a petrol station, when i go to bed after a shift I sometimes get closed eyed visuals of customer after customer. Its more sensing what they look like than actually seeing them. Is there a way I could transition from this to a lucid dream?

Google hypnagogic state. That’s what you’re seeing. Any LD achieved would be suuuuper short, you need to be in the later stages of sleep.

In most cases after the hyonagogic state there will come a state called “sleeping paralysis” (as far as I know). Thats the last state before you get in a dream. Just try not to fall in sleep and you will get into a LD

For me, those work scenes usually have a form of lucidity (I’m not supposed to be working now, I’m in bed sleeping!) but I have found it hard to transition them into a real, 3D dream. On the other hand, they come back quickly when I drift off again, so maybe they are good for DEILD.

As Malls and Halls says, it is hard to do WILD at bedtime, and the dreams from that are usually low quality. It is far easier after a couple of sleep cycles.

I get sleep paralysis qyite often… Correct me if I am wrong, but from my experience sleep paralysis can happen either before or after a dream… Couple of nights ago I had a sleep paralysis episode right after a spooky dream in which I had a certain lecel of lucidity… But I wouldn’t consider it as a LD… for me is more like a “limbo” between dreaming and perception of the physical reality… With strong visual amd auditive hallucinations and sometimes also tactile ones…

Does anyone find sleep paralysis useful to jump from it to a LD? I have very little experience with lucid dreaming but lots of it with sleeping paralysis so linking them would be interesting for me.