Trick to Get Tired

great job SD!!

Finally, I know I’m not insane! (Well, maybe I am, but that’s not the point…) I’ve had a problem with keeping my eyes closed too. I want to sleep, but my eyes just want to open! I hate it when that happens! This technique sounds perfect; I’ll have to try it.

I use to do something like this when I four or five years old. If I didn’t feel tired but was forced to sleep, I would rapidly blink my eyes for about a minute or so and, with the same effect as this method, my eyelids would feel heavy and I could relax enough to fall asleep in minutes as opposed to half-hours.

That reminds me Reno of another similar technique. What you do for this one is that you blink extremely fast. You don’t blink that often so for this one you don’t keep your eyes open for long. It’s just the opposite. You can try this one too if you want.

Hm a lot of people seem to disagree with this, but I’m not gonna pass any judgement until I give it a try later… :wink:

I think I’ll give this a try. Thanks!