Trouble speaking in dreams? Writing looks bizarre?

OK, so after a LONG dry spell (like 8 months?) I finally had another couple of lucid dreams :woo:

In both dreams, I was trying to communicate with a DC and speak to them, and in both dreams, I found myself unable to speak… I ended up having to whisper to them because my mouth didn’t seem to be working properly. Has anyone else had this issue? Was I just trying to use my body’s mouth without knowing it, instead of the “dream me”?

Also, I found a glossy brochure in the back of the car in the second dream and it looked BIZARRE… scrambled English-type letters mixed with weird symbols/sigils. In a ND earlier, I was reading signs and such with no problems… any ideas?

Thanks to all who respond :smile:


Congrats on the LD’s, OgbeDi!

One idea for the speaking issue would be to try another form of communication. For example, you could try telepathy with your DC’s or maybe writing your message to them on paper. Or, the cure-all for my LD problems anyway, take a pill in the dream that you know will make you speak correctly.

As for the reading, I’m afraid I don’t know what to say there. Text has always been confusing for me in dreams; it seems more or less random as to whether or not it’ll mean anything or even be legible.

Thanks! Good idea about the pill, etc. I finally realized they could hear me whispering or even thinking at them, but I would like to be able to speak.

I also really wish I had a photocopier to print out dream materials, because those symbols were probably useful if I could have just remembered what they were :happy: