Trouble WILDing

Hey, I’ve been on these forums from time to time but just recently registered. I haven’t got around to posting much on here, but hopefully that’ll change eventually.

Anyways, I’ve been attempting to LD for 7 months or so, and while I’ve had a few DILDs, I’d rather be able to have a bit more say on when I become lucid. I’ve tried WILDing quite a bit since I started, but I’ve never had any luck with it. I’ve had a few problems with it.

Maybe it’s just my nature to be impatient, but I can’t seem to get the technique down. I’ve managed to feel some paralysis in my hands and feet, but that’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten. I always give up and just go to sleep instead of keeping at WILDing. (The ‘technique’ I’m using is counting breaths to keep focused)

Another problem I have is when I haven’t given up yet, I have problems with my breathing. Whenever I’m attempting to WILD, eventually I start thinking about breathing or swallowing. Right on cue, I start thinking I ‘need’ to swallow or I feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen.

Has anyone ever had these problems before? And if you have and have managed to over come them, how did you do it? I could really use the help. :razz:

Solipsist (Aaron)

for me, ive been doing complete sleep paralysis for a while now, and i can trigger it even when im standing now, pretty much whenever i want :grin:
the trick is, keep completely calm, you also have to practice this, becouse if you breath too hard, or even twitch, it can trigger your body awake.
now i find that the “counting breaths” doesent work for alot of people, becouse this kind of ruins HI. i kind of unconciously count breaths, like im not completely focused on counting my breaths, but i am.
kind of hard to explain, but it sounds like your too anxious.
now swallowing is okay in sleep paralysis, opening your eyes, even talking wont set off your sleep paralysis, but it will run off the HI, so i find it helps to be in a comfortable postition to sleep before starting SP.
hope this helps at all :grin:

wait, what!? :eek: SP while standing? :lol: that’s so weird and awesome!

Solipsist, I’ve noticed most of my WILD’s happen after I’ve given up! I’d be lying on my back trying to WILD with no success. Then I’d think “bah, I give up” and roll on my side. After a few minutes, if I didn’t fall asleep right away I’d get some HI!

So, this advice might be very lame :lol:, but next time you give up, don’t give up completely if you know what I mean. Try to stay conscious a bit more after you rool over. Might work for you :shy:

Thanks for the advice wolfbro, I’ll be sure to try what you suggested next time I attempt WILDing, might be tomorrow morning if I wake up early enough. That’s pretty ridiculous, that you can go in to SP standing up. I’d love to be able to enter it at any time.

I don’t think that advice is lame mattias, that’s happened to me (though I’ve only had it happen as a DILD) before. :razz:

But yeah, thanks for responding guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to do my first WILD sometime decently soon. :happy:

I guess your being focused on symptoms of WILD rather than falling asleep, when you get stuck somewhere just let go some of your consciousness. in the end you will have a little consciousness remaining and a LD :smile:

Focus on anything that has nothing to do with your real body, forget about it.