Troubles With WILD

Hey altheman, thats awesome. I’m gonna try that. Tonight!

have a question about ‘reverse blinking.’ You said to open our eyes only long enough to briefly focus on something, then close them again… But if our rooms are almost pitch black at night, how are we supposed to look at/ focus on an object? I can’t see anything when i open my eyes at night in my room.

You don’t focus on something. All you do is open your eyes real quick (as if your blinking) and then close them. Keep on doing that for a while and you’ll get tired.

Yeah im reporting on how it went last night. uhh, my body became really relaxed and felt warm. I didn’t really see any HI, only weird sensations. But i’ll try again tonight it was pretty awesome.

So wearing a nightmask won’t effect anything, right?

I wear a nightmask to avoid any realistic old-hags… I’m a very nervous and easily frightened individual. :bored:

altheman9993 originally said you should focus on something… But if what you’re saying is right, if it doesn’t matter that there is no difference in what you see when your eyes are open or closed, then the movement of your eyelids alone is what promotes relaxation?

I didn’t make those techniques, I’m just quoting them from dreamviews. But I don’t think it matters if you focus on sometihng.


I finally got really intense SP last night and started hearing a falsetto ringing in my ear (like the noise when you run your finger across a glass goblet)…

But then I stopped focusing on… whatever and lost it after a while. The questions just started popping up in my mind “Ok. So… what am I going to see first? Will I feel anything? Helloooo? Sleep paralysis? BRING ME INTO A DREAM.”

So, yeah…

What do you see first when you finally dream?
What is the final step of WILD and how does it feel?

I’m still needing some advice. :confused:

Ok. So I’ve never truly had full-blown HI…

Does your mind wander?
Are the images IN your mind or do you actually SEE them?


(Also, answers to my questions in my earlier post would be helpful as well…)

I apologize if my questions are dumb and annoying.

Apology accepted :tongue:

You can clearly see the difference between normal “daydreaming” images and HI. You can’t for example focus on a certain part of a daydream image without messing up the rest, like if you’d daydream about a car you can’t focus on the tire without making the rest disappear. When I see HI I can focus on whichever part of the image I want without messing anything up.

I bet you’ve had HI many times, but you just need to know what it is you’re looking for.

I know I’ve experienced it before, but it often is during times when I am not even attempting to WILD… For example, one night when I closed my eyes and started falling asleep, I felt like I was riding my bike and my friend was with me as we rode through the neighborhood (it wasn’t vivid, but a bit blurry). But, when I realised it actually was HI, I was brought back to my waking state.

I just don’t know how to allow HI when I do try to WILD.

Every person experience the SP and HI phase differently, some even skip the HI staright into LD (It happend to me several times).
As for what people see when they finaly in a LD, again, it differs from person to person, when I finish WILD I find myself sometimes in a small regular white room or wandering outside, once I found myself in a holodeck which was pretty cool.
About the other post, if your eyes are closed you will see them like something between seeing them for real like daydreaming but also like you are actualy imaginating them in your mind, it hard to explain, the best is the combination of this two.
And about the mind wandering, when I WILD it like my mind is racing in crazy speeds as I feel an extremly huge amounts of information and sounds stream in my mind, and it is some sort of wandering but I try to focus on one of those thoughts or sounds and then it works.

About allowing the HI, there is nothing actualy to allow, they may help you find something to focus on, but you should not bother about allowing them, just continue to do what you usualy do when you try to WILD and try to ignore them until you feel you actualy about to fully dream.

Can you explain what that feels like?

Hmm, the best word to describe it is taken from the site’s guide, knowingness, you have a very strange feeling that you are aware to yourself, but disconnected from yourself at the same time, you feel yourself lying in your bed yet your mind feels somewhere else, you know that you can reach out for your dream, this moment is the peak of HI, the visions seem to come from your dream rather then from reality, this is almost the exact feeling of waking up in the middle of a really intensive dream, you are awake but your mind still think for a few seconds that he is actualy in the dream and after that your awarness goes to the reality, only vice-versa in WILD, you are awake but your mind is already dreaming and after a few seconds your awareness will move to the dream.

I’ve never gotten that far then… :cry:

Haha… I haven’t been able to sleep for the past three nights. :eek:

Don’t try too hard or else you won’t get any results, you need something light to focus your mind on, you want to fall asleep so don’t focus on something too difficult, a constant sound is always a good choice (like a fan or something), or focusing on your breathing (a common mistake - people tend to breath heavily and deeply when they WILD as if they were meditating, just breath like you usualy do, the same rate and “power” and keep like this

I always sleep with a fan on…
but I breathe deeply… <__< Maybe that’s the problem.

On occasion, I take a big sigh every now and then… I wonder if that’s affecting anything as well.

If you usualy breath deeply then it not a problem, just breath like this when you WILD and it will be fine, but if not, try to figure the natural rythm of your breathing and recreate it so you can focus on it.
If you choose to focus on the fan, focus only on the sound, without any thought about it, just the sound, imagine the sound in your had in sync with the real sound, this is the best focus you can give to it.

The sound in my head???

There are no sounds in my head. :confused:

Lucky for you :smile:
But I didn’t mean those kind of sounds that tell you creepy stuff XD.
Just think about the sound itself, that the meaning, give your attention to it.
Focus on the sound so you can hear it like you hear your own thoughts, that the highest level of focusing on a sound.