True Need- LD induction?

[color=darkred]Okay… so this may be a dumb idea for a topic.
But I had an interesting experience and wanted to share it,
and see your thoughts on the idea.

To summarize a personal event, my girlfriend of a few years
broke up with me, so needless to say I was quite upset.
I was about to fall asleep and lying in bed, thought to myself,
“It would really help me if I could have a lucid dream tonight,
It would really get my mind off of things.”

Lo and behold, My 2nd lucid dream happened that night.
they are just so rare, that I cant think of mine actually needing it
as a coincedence.[/color]

Part of it is the intense desire. Your SC can pick up on the fact that you’re upset, and can also pick up on just how much you wanted the LD. This is actually autosuggestion, and since you felt you had a need behind it, your mind took it to be that much more important.

Yup, that’s Autosuggestion. Sometimes simply asking yourself for an LD is enough to give you one.

Hmmm, thats what I was thinking.
Has this ever happened with anyone else?

Couldn’t really put it better myself. The desire combined with your strong emotional state combined for some extremely powerful autosuggestion.

I shall try above statement

It’s happened to me before. The only problem is that if you want it too much, then you may get really excited when you have it and wake up. So you need to be careful about that sort of thing.

Yes, it has happened to me when I was under much pressure at work. I actually had two LDs in two nights having had none for months because of it. I also see it as a form of auto-suggestion. :smile:

hmmm this is pretty interesting…maybe setting your subconcious at a guilt level?

This has actually happend to me to, I was really upset and thought to my slelf the exact same thing and that night I became lucid :content:

Wow, that really cool.

I also became lucid the next night, but it was so short that I dont count it.