Trying to get back into LDing

So, I haven’t been actively trying to LD for a few years now. Every now and then I’ll have a month or so of keeping a dream journal, but then I’ll just trail off again. I used to use the WBTB method, and it always worked well, I would go to sleep at 11:30, wake up at 5:30, stay up for an hour and go back to sleep. Usually I’m up late, and up early for work, making it hard to keep a schedule conducive to this method.

I’m looking for some sort of motivation: An LD buddy that will give me someone to talk to about my dreams and my progress so that I feel motivated, general motivation tips from people who have been in this sort of rut, or some new method that might be easier with my schedule.

I’m interested to see what people have to say. Thank you!

I recently hit a bit of a rut like this, when a hot streak of LDs stopped and my recall tanked. I very much agree with your “buddy” idea. I’ve been hanging with some people in the chatroom, and we’ve all gotten involved in Lucidity Challenge 37 and have tried to incubate each other as DCs — it’s a great motivator because I feel like I’m doing it for the entire group, not just for myself. We all seem to be more motivated than before, and we’re thinking of continuing even after the LC because we’re all having fun and feeling that motivation. If you can get a buddy or group to support you and to be supported by you, definitely do it.

If it’s a new method you want, it seems like DEILD would fit your schedule well, as the awakenings are very short.

I would also encourage you to list everything you’d like to do in LDs, and really imagine doing each one. Don’t avoid anything because it seems strange or juvenile — really think about every possibility that excites you, since it’s in your mind and nobody here will judge you for it. Beyond that, if you ever have time, strike up a conversation in out chatroom. It’s pretty rare that we’ll actively avoid talking about LDing. :razz:

Best of luck!

Based on my experience, the best motivation, is knowing the benefits you will get from LD. Would you mind to share our goals?

i remember you, hellow fellow art maker!
i recently just got back into LDing after a few years of very scattered attempts to record my dreams and to enter them. it would would be cool to inspire some new motivation with someone. youre a dedicated artist right? maybe approach LDing with the intention to bring back that world onto the art surface? thats one of the things keeping me interested.
anyways goodluck, and if you want to brainstorm you can PM.
Auf wiedersehen!