Trying to quit smoking

If I smoked and I wanted to stop, i think that is a good way to stop…gradually take less and less cigarettes…

but be inspired… do it for your girlfriend, wife, kids or even yourself

also I would try to keep your mind of it…that should help…
and I would chew alot of gum, and I would try to pick up a new hobbie such as… dominoes… :eh: lol

but make it a health, benfitial hobby

Well, I’ve never smoked before (and never will - I have asthma and can’t breath around smoke) but nevertheless, I got some rather unusual advice for those who are trying to quit. Why not reward yourself if you don’t smoke for a certain amount of days? I mean you can make a deal with yourself - that if you don’t smoke for a certain amount of days, or if you smoke a certain amount of cigarettes/cigars for a certain amount of days, you will buy something you’ve wanted to buy for a while.

Rewards can help keep you motivated and willing to stay focused on trying to stop.

Not to smoke in order to smoke? That doesn’t sound like it would work for me.

The problem with rewards, at least for us young people who haven’t still settled in life is wage.

/me has started all over again :bored:

Not buying packs: not effective at all. Of course, it’s progress in that no one with a pack in their pockets will ever, ever stop. But the “people offering you one” factor really spoils it.

What about having a pack with you with one single sigaret. I have no idea if it will work, but it’s just a thought. Maybe I’ve heard about it before, but I’m not sure. I don’t really know why it would work, maybe because the last one is always something that we rather don’t take?

Makes sense. :yes: Hmm, could try that. :razz:

You could try alot of things, but the addict’s mindset is one of rationalization. I should know. I’ve been addicted to alot of things. You could have a pack with one cig, but unless you have alot of will, you will rationalize buying another pack, bumming a smoke from someone, and I’ve even seen people go low enough as to pick butts from the ashtry. My “stop buying packs” method didn’t work. It’s the rationalization. Unless you just suck it up and say, “I QUIT! I QUIT NOW! NO MORE CIG’S!” Smoking more is always rationalized.

I’m just saying it might be super hard to stop instantly… :tempted: you might want to consider… slowly progressing to not smoke
ex. wait a week… ahve 2 cigs… next week wait a week and have one cig…


but something and reward yourself when you do get past the end of the week…

Chocolate is so great :grin: WAY better than cigarettes :grin:

Guys, you’re not reasoning like smokers here.

It’s not a matter of “hmm chocolate… better than cigarrettes.” It’s a matter of “hmm chocolate AND cigarrettes!” :tongue:

wouldn’t doing something (a new hobby) where you need to use your hands be helpful … since if your hands aren’t available you wouldn’t be able to light up and smoke?

Yes, all of these things could help, but as stated before, an addicts mindset is one of rationalization, and people will usually find a way to rationalize a cig or two in there. I’m standing by that the best way to quit is immediate cessasion, done with no other aid than pure will. This will provide the most stable, lasting period of sobriety.

congratz on your 666 post …lol

I always think of this phrase when I’m giving up. I still smoke so obviously it doesn’t work 100% haha, but if I want to quit I can, for example in the lead up to a running event or something.

The greatest temptation to quit, comes when you are about to succeed.

Try the Elizabethan approach:

When Sir Walter Raleigh showed Queen Elizabeth how to smoke, one of her servants threw a bucket of water on him, assuming he was on fire.


Two days! :happy: Twooo days! :boogie: 8 times did people offer me a fag, and I was able to say “thanks, no” every time! Rowr! :colgate:

/me will want big party when he completes, say, ten days, or a month :yes:

O–kay?.. :eh:

Wow, I had no idea you were an ex- smoker, Bruno. Congrats! Keep up the good work. :grin:

Hmm. As a result of nicotine withdrawal, are you like getting really angry at people? I’ve heard of that happening, where people are really irritable when they quit smoking.

Anyways, congrats on the lack of smoking. They say smoking is harder to give up than heroin. Impressive.

Well Jon indeed I was very irritated yesterday, but it wasn’t without a good reason. =P

Anyways. Hopefully, three days today. The day has only started, but I’m sure decided not to have any today either. Thanks guys for the replies (and Sandra for the “way to go” PM :yay:).

Oh, and Jon, since I’ve addressed to you anyways: just wanted to say, I got your PM, read it, and will reply when I have time (it’s bloody lengthy). And there’s something else I wanted to discuss with you. :smile: So keep an eye on the PM box.

I think your right, giving up through gradual cut downs not work for a lot of people and I think that in giving up anything, not just cigarettes (I don’t smoke) the best way is to just immediatly stop and like you say, the use of pure will. It’s probably ridiculosly dificult but worth it.

well it depends what you are stopping… but if you stop smoking yes, the best way is to stop imediatelly. i was smoking for 8 years and stopped in one second! it sound funny but when you put you last cigarette down, you stopped. and at that point your are a non smoker. i must say that with that point of view it was as easy as claping my hands!

the funny thing with smoking is that it takes you longer to start then to stop!

when you realize that the pleasure doesnt come from cigarette but from silencing down the physical need for that chemical substance you realize you are acting stupid smoking.

this is not some stupid propaganda stuff, if someone feels like smoking, go right ahead, and also i would like to say again that i was smoking for 8 years more than 20 cigarettes per day so i know what i am talking about…

so if you want to quit, just quit, as simple as that…

and most important do not cut down slowly like 5 per day, 4 per day, 3 per day and so on because it only makes you obsessed with cigarettes, and another thing, stop counting the days off… also it makes you just think about that nasty habit you are trying to forget now, and no point really, you cant count for the rest of your life

sorry for a long post!