Trying to quit smoking

Congrats Bruno! Thats accomplishment for ya!

/me hasn’t smoked for ages! :yay:

/me hasn’t smoked a cigar or cigarette in 16 years!! XD :razz:

:yes: :cry: :lol:

Takk, Petter; shukran, Wis. :happy:

Threeeeee clear days already! :hyper:

Bruno!!! High five!!! :clap:

You’ll be glad they’re gone when they’re gone, buddy. It really makes you feel a whole lot cleaner. And have you noticed how well you can smell and taste?!?

please read the drug posts guidelines
jeez, i wasn’t serious. learn to take a joke.

Hell, yes! Yes! Food tastes awesome already, and the newspaper article says it’ll take 2 weeks for it to taste like it used to! I’m so looking forward to the next couple of weeks!

My mood was better today. Well, yesterday I was nicotine stressed and had other sources of stress, truth be told, whilst today I manage to keep myself in my centre. Oh, and thanks for the other tip, Dan. :razz:


I found that my sense of smell seemed supercharged the first couple days after i quit, then I got used to my newly aquired senses, and I ceased to notice it as much after a couple days.

Four days! :woot:

Okay, I’ll stop celebrating every day. But I’m so proud of myself :content:

No, keep celebrating. Up until day fifteen perhaps. Then it gets a bit silly.

i think you should stop because this way you give to much credit to the addiction…

fell the joy of being free! you made it, and it is over now, you beat it and now it is gone! celebrate yes, count no!

this is just my point of view from my experience… any way well done man! :wink:

Gratulations !

Dont stop the celebration ! :cool:

All that talk about better taste makes me want to get this, well “forkjølelse” in norwegian, guess it translates to flu, away.

Attending to popular demand,

Fiiiiiive days! :yay:

So I’m finally getting round to giving up smoking, properly this time, I’ve discovered that doing it on my own steam isn’t working. Bear with me, this is about dreams.

I spoke with my gp and we came to the conclusion that the best bet for me is to use nicotine patches, since lately, due to various stresses and my mood, I’ve been smoking more heavily.

Anyway, I picked up a pack of patches at the pharmacy today, I won’t start wearing them until tomorrow, but when reading the packet this morning I noticed that one of the side effects of the patches was nightmares. I thought that that sounded pretty odd, but also fairly cool, I wondered if anyone had had experience with this?

If it is true then my DJ may be becoming more active for the next few months!

I haven’t used them, but back when I planned on using them I looked into that and you can find people who tell their dreams while on it. They aren’t all nightmares, lots of them are just really weird and cool dreams.

As for the quitting smoking-apparently Chantix has a huge success rate, and I was just recently prescribed it. It uses a very organized system so you can stay on top of things. It also is supposed to give crazy dreams.

Well I put my first patch on this morning, and it’s already working to some extent, I’m not getting the craving for nicotine but I am still getting the craving for the action of smoking itself. I think the habit will be harder to break than the addiction, if that makes sense.

I’ll report on any increase on dream activity tomorrow. Here’s hoping that quitting smoking has some wonderful nocturnal side effects! I wonder if it will increase my chances of becoming lucid?

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Just know that if you decide to smoke a cigarette, you’ll be pissed at yourself right after lighting it up.

Look at it as a day-by-day thing. Today, I will not smoke a cigarette. Don’t think of the future, just the here and now.

I plan on quitting within the next two weeks as well.

I am A smoker and I quit after every cig. My best advice is toto make the time between any two consecutive cigarettes as long as possible. No one ever quits anything

Not sure if this would help any of you, but when my grandfather was told to quit smoking he took up a different habit: eating peppermints. So instead of picking up a cig if he got a craving, he’d eat a peppermint instead. Managed to completely quit in about a year. I’m no fan of peppermints but hey, minty fresh :wink:

Now that’s helpful and wise.

You certainly can quit things.

Maybe, maybe not. I’m sorry if I was being a sarcastic a ss there. I’m trying to point out that it’s hard to quite some things, and cold turkey quiting is the worst and is terrible for your bodies homeostasis.

It’s best to wien of them, making the gap between very consecutive cigarette as long as possible.

Haha I have no sanity so sometimes the things I say make no sense, forgive me again.

Oh well if you’ve been sarcastic it’s okay, then I have to be sorry. Often enough I’m sarcastic myself.

I just thought this was some weird new-age thought… so I got it kinda wrong :grin:

I don’t know, I think ‘cold turkey’ works just fine with giving up cigarettes… at least for me. Yes, I’ve been VERY grumpy for a few days but after that I was fine again. And DAMN I forgot how smelling was like. I was astonished to smell summer again! And thousands of other pleasant smells…

It might be a little sad, but it works as a way better motivation than anything else for me. It’s just so nice to smell the world again. It’s like encountering an old friend again which you’ve forgot about for a few years.