I’ve known about this, and I have it bad.

Working as a cashier, I’ve found it unfortunate that crumpets are quite popular in my area. I have to touch them (but they’re in bags)

But yeah, I’m extremely trypophobic.

EDIT: Oh, and lolatheloaner, I’ll have you know that I definitely did not notice that was a link, and hoverzoom opened up that frog/beast/mutant/creature/nightmare thing full size on my monitor, much to my surprise :tongue: It’s fine, but holy crap it gave me a jolt!

I think that frog would freak out everybody at least a bit. :bored:

I think most people would find it very gross, yeah. But for trypophobia there seems to be another level of gross/horror. (EDIT: oh, and you should see one that’s alive with baby frogs coming out of it’s holes :nuu: )

@Download: That crumpet is a bit :anx:, but not the worst for me… although the more I look at it the worse it gets! :lol:

I saw that already.
.-. nature is gross…

Now I can also understand the assistant manager’s (and mine!) 's reaction to this flower pot in the shop:

She literally backed away when she unwrapped the container and saw this.

I’ll admit, that’s not the worst, but some crumpets can get pretty awful. I just quickly picked an image.

Sorting through, here are some more.
They’re a lot worse when they are uncooked

Though nothing triggers me more than the frog creature and bee hives/wasp nests

I still remember, too… I was in biology and had to look at plant cells. When I focused the microscope, I immediately jumped back because the pattern was very trypophobic triggering. Never took biology again.

I actually peeked in here because of the mention of cookies, :peek: . Doing a quick search I found out that they’re not cookies at all but Cadbury Creme Egg pull apart sweet rolls so don’t worry, no freaky cookies. :content: Just a heart attack in some pastry.

Edit: I’m sorry if it’s the opposite of helpful. D=

@Eilatan: if that cookie had more of the hole things, like 10 - 50 of them together, it would be VERY disturbing.

@Download: I see what you mean :anx:

EDIT: had to share this.

EDIT2: I just woke up from a dream where I saw a castle full of tiny randomly arranged holes. I wasn’t really lucid, but part of me thought something along the lines of “oh, so finally this comes into my dreams!”

This art project gave me a reaction too: … src=footer

What a nice looking orange I bought.

I’ve never ever heard about this kind of phobia! It really is fascinating I have to say and my apologies to those who suffer from this phobia but I really never heard of it…

This kind of a patters I find most amazing because even though they might seem random they are not, their function is more then just random…

Well, at least those that are not just holes in some random object also I thank you mattias for posting this, I learned something new today! :content:

I’m amazed. I just found out that what I have is trypophobia. I didn’t knew it had a name! :happy: Holes and circled patterns in and on objects and skin. yuck! Disturbing.

argh, Siiiiiiiiw … :anx: that’s a terrible one! :rofl: is it a shell or something?

A friend just told me the other day, I think he’s worse than me, he was freaking out all day thinking about these things, for no apparent reason!


What a fascinating phobia. I always find phobias and the opposite - fetishes - very interesting. Though I’m not sure why images are being posted without spoiler tags. Hell, if I had a topic for my phobia, I’d have to be some kinda masochist to keep coming back to it and looking at the images. :razz:

Wyvern, you have a very good point about the spoiler tags. For me the phobia is mild. It was a lot worse in my childhood, now it just makes me shiver and feel disgusted. I have a weird theory about how there is a shorter distance between repulsion and attraction that one might think, though. I know that I am at least strongly attracted to one thing now which scared me into tears every time I encountered it in my childhood. And who doesn’t get the urge to peek at something horrible?

Mattias, I was eating, and innocently reading wikipedia articles about seafood…when this close-up of a sea urchin popped up in my face. :bored:

True, they could be in spoiler tags. :razz: But one thing I’ve found reading about it, and for me is the same, is that there’s a strange curiosity involved with this “phobia” (for me it’s like with Siiw, just a repulsive feeling, not really a phobia). I guess you could compare it a bit to people that can’t stop looking at traffic accidents. Whenever I see someone posted here a little part of me goes “yay, more of that weird stuff!” but then when I see it it’s “aww, why did I look? … any more images?” :rofl:

Really? THIS is supposed to make me hungry?

SPOILER - Click to view

Wait what? Are you scared of foam as well?



What about concrete?







Very creepy cake

My only reaction is I want dat chocolate and honey.