Unfounded fear of DCs

So, this keeps happening in some of my LD’s. Although I am lucid and I know that these persons are just DC’s who can’t harm me, I fear them, and even if it’s just for a second. They don’t even do something which could cause me to fear them, often they are only random characters who just appear.

I see them, they look completely normal and innocent and my first thought is: Oh my God, how can I escape from here as soon as possible? Often this ends up in me flying away or trying to do so. Sometimes when I’m more lucid, my next thought is: Now now, these are just DC’s, why should I care? but this isn’t often the case.

I feel quite silly when I wake up from those LD’s and I just want to know if anyone has/had similar experiences to mine. :smile:

Try interacting with them, DC’s are wonderful, I can only really control my dreams by influencing DCs

Well to some people LDs are percived as threats, and this may happen in LD’s

Such as inception

only when the DC I’m talking to starts to act strange…like laughing maniacally or giving me these weird looks, in those cases, yes, I fear them a bit and I just leave :eh:
but usually I don’t feel anything… well, I don’t even notice there are people in my lucid dreams, unless I call them on purpose…

I have had this problem. In one of my LDs I asked a DC what he represented. I was a little frightened of him because when he told me it was kind of in a creepy way lol :grin: