Universal Law of Attraction

in the sense you mean, focusing on the lack the “need” or “craving” that comes from saying “I want” this creates an identity of NOT, which solidifies itself over time with stories "oh i could never have that " + “i want it so much”

in the sense of saying “universe I want $5000” vs “universe i have $5000” vs “universe please give me $5000 today so i can…”[explaining why]

these all seem similar as long as faith is incorporated knowing it will be granted… it seems like saying “please give me” is more auspicious than saying “i have” or “i demand” or “i command” for it denotes giving this process a personality which is benevolent and grants what is asked of it, whereas trying to demand force or verily say I HAVE could get you things, that you realize you don’t want in the first place ?

or ?

do you have experience with this Pasquale?

Well, I have experimented with the LoA for a few months now…
I believe it works but you have to understand some stuff before
you use it and to gain what you want you might run into a brick
wall a few times before you figure it out by trial and error.

I’ll write about it more in a few hours when I come back.

EDIT: I have enough time to write this. When you ask for
something you have to put it in the present tense, as if you
already have it. So it would be “I have 5000$”. But that is just
the content of the thought. What’s more important is the energy
you give it.

It’s hard to explain, especially because English isn’t my
first language… You have to visualize those 5000$ (lets stick to this
example), as if you already have it. You imagine what would it be like
if you already have it. See them, feel them, smell them ( :smile: ), imagine
what would you buy with the money, and how would you feel
already owning that sum of money. It’s crucial that you visualize only
the end result. The destination but not the path.

You have to feel abundant and rich to get it flowing. Now if you’re doing
it right the money will come to you. The delay is based on your perception
on that sum of money. If 5000$ is A LOT to you, it will take some time.

(WARNING: If you don’t get any emotional response when imagining those things
it might mean that you don’t actually want or need it.)

And another thing, don’t push it too hard. When I tried getting 500$ by visualizing
and thinking about it every day, feeling the positive emotions and stuff like that,
I got some reflections in reality (like finding extra money on the ground) but the manifestation just wasn’t there. Then after a few weeks I stopped trying so hard
and that is when it happened :smile:

You have to allow your intention to manifest. Be in harmony with your wish.
Hope it isn’t too much… I’ll write more when I return.


thank you Chris

the emotion is neutral, I channeled the money a week ago and felt it covering me, its not the money I care about, just the freedom of mobility, to travel

I would feel, right now, the same as I do, right now, if I had it land on my lap, well okay if it fell from the sky I’d say “cool”, one time I asked God for a quarter and he made one fall from the sky a short time later, and it was really cool, and I said “thanks God!” but

I’d just go buy my electric sitar and some crystals, and think about and be very excited about going to Florida

I know/expect it is already so, here,
I program usually daily

so I mean, the thing is I’m not good at trusting that God loves me, or the universe loves me, that things are OKAY and GOOD, and that’ it’s good to be alive.

i don’t think you can say “it’s good to be alive” as a mantra, I think it requires more effort to come to feeling that way you know?

it is good to be alive though :smile:

the total summation of my desire is FREEDOM, including freedom from money, so I can go to Netherlands, so I can go to Florida, so I can go to Canada, but more th an that
the freedom to teleport, bi-locate, fly, to get out of the body, when I want to.

so do I sit and say “I can teleport” ?

ultimately a persistent affirmation and feeilng of bliss and love that is stronger than any-thing this world can throw at us, and
for the Kingdom of heaven to descend upon Earth, liberating our souls from physicality.

I pray the Lord’s prayer usually.

So far, everything in my life that I really desired/wanted has come to me. It’s an inner knowingness that it will / is going to happen. And patience.

it’s not like saying:“ooh, i want this and that” and then sit back and do nothing. It’s not like that. You have to do something for it, accept those little things that will lead you to it. Often it is also a changing of the state of mind. Expect the unexpected.

Don’t expect something to happen in a way you already prescribe. Let the universe take it’s course. Don’t focus on the material thing - imagine how you will feel when you have it. You don’t need anything.

Don’t think"if I have this and that, then I will be truly happy". no, it doesn’t work that way. Be happy already. You don’t need anything to be happy.

You’re absolutely right Q.
People seem to mess it all up. They think that they need to have more so they can do what they like, and then they’re going to be happy.

But it’s actually the other way around. You have to be happy first.

@Eyelids: Then don’t imagine money. Think of traveling, think of Florida, Netherlands, Canada and everything else you want. Imagine the emotions you would feel if you were already there enjoying it. Feel it, be it. Perhaps God (or the Universe, whatever you call it) will give you money so you could do that, perhaps it will be some other form of resource or opportunity. That is the way, not the destination. It’s your job to choose what you want but not how you’ll get it.

It may require from you to change your state of mind like Q said, and to take action when you see the opportunity. Don’t just sit, visualize and expect it to fall into your lap (every single time :smile: ). If you see a chance, feel a hunch, then go for it.

Then again, when you do make the choice to own the electric sitar and those crystals and intend to get it, and start doing the process, don’t bother with the way it’s going to happen. It could be a gift from someone, you never know. But you have to allow it. You have to be able to let it go so it can manifest.

The problem is, this is such a wide subject and you can’t cover much ground with a couple of posts… You should read about it a lot, it keeps you motivated. Just don’t give up. You deserve happiness like everyone else. It’s up to you to choose things to be that way.

Good luck :wink:


i don’t really need anything at all this is true

but regardless of what i do, i have a divine timeline that will pan itself out

i don’t have free will, and i do.

for instance i randomly got an acoustic guitar, that i did not expect, i didn’t think i would like it much, it was hard to play, now i’m wonderful at it, and i wonder, what caused me to become a great musician? and i wonder, what will i do with my talents

WHOSE talents are they, anyway? its not UP to me… i just want bliss yes, so I meditate… every day, yes, and its a tedious process for some reason.

people say “you should get a job”
no, i “shouldn’t”
if I “should” then i’d be working right now, wouldn’t I? there is no need for that, for me

I’m just waiting for

what ? I programmed the perfect girlfriend, just as I got sick of it, she s howed up.
i have to meet her in Florida
our love was amazing
now we still have it but its distant… i’d never felt that love before ever
yet it could fall apart and I’m not sure if I would care
but I don’t think it will fall apart
my glorious visions of us having fun there in the sunshiney state

does it matter ?

you guys are right its just about feeling happy, and creating happy things.

It’s different for every person. Religion, belief, happiness is not what’s
written on paper (or stone for that matter).
It’s what you feel inside, in you, in your heart.
If you feel you should be happy, then do things that make you happy.

For me it’s a bit of “spirituality” and some down-to-earth stuff.
I want to explore, to expand, evolve, grow, learn as a human being and
become more aware. And at the same time I want things that aren’t like
that. For instance marriage, kids, freedom, a bit of wealth…

Just look inside yourself. Whatever you find there, just do it.
Don’t be limited to what society thinks is right. It’s your choice, your
journey, your truth and your life.

all these folks want to make some money
selling e-books about the secret
rambling on and on and on about how important it is

“I have $5000”
now what ?
“I have $5000… I have $5000… thank you.”

now what ?

Mmmmm… now what ? There IS something to this idea

before I knew about all the marketing and gimicking, and even heard of “The Secret” or LOA I programmed myself to win lots of money at a casino when i was 18 by saying so in my dreams 3 nights prior, and often during the day.

Then I randomly chose a slot machine, pulled it (to my grandpas disapproval) and immediately got 777 and won $300 or something like that.

There IS something to it. Yes, yes, there is… yes, yes there is.


You KNOW what I mean, we can go to bed tonight and reprogram our entire universe, and speak with efficient friendly managers, angels, gurus, genies, Gods, what have you, who will precisely lay the blue-prints up for us.

Don’t you think? it seems it has to be that way.
hacking the matrix, if you will.

but hey I mean even further than this, stepping out into the dream, saying “nope now my car is blue” and waking up, and it is
THIS HAS TO BE… don’t you think? Or not at all? ludicrous? Mabbeh

maybe its because I hate money,
I do.
forget it.

But the list of things I want (that are not against society’s standards of approval):
Calea Z
Crystal Singing Bowls
Golden Light illumination of spritiual body
astral and causal access
a giant garden
an electric sitar
to be able to whenever I want say “yes I will go buy some organic shampoo, because I can afford that” or “yes I will get a crystal ball.”
so its that easy, “I am wealthy… I have everything I wish for, and it is good.”
it really has to be you know

its not about money its about “lets go get coffee” its about “lets go to amsterdam” its about “lets go on a cruise” its about “i want to visit India and meet the people there” its about “i want to study under an accomplished musician”
its about lots of things
not about money.
how about lets go to a far-away amusement park today and ride a great classic roller coaster? mm, yes, lets.
then we can ?
money is evil
no doubt, doubtless, the blanket of all lies and dishonesty, but…

try telling that to my electric sitar ? How do we expound and reason and rationalize our way into where we “want” to be?


hmmmm okay

you could have just asked t hem for a slice!

well lets see then, what they mean is that i void my mind of other thoughts, and hold the one I want there ?

if so it should already be done, and here right now.

the ego is so tiny, it seems like we have the freedom to tinker around and create, and i spose we do, but feeling seems infinitely more important than thinking, or creating

I’m undecided, but currently I am testing out the Law Of Attraction on 2 different aspects in my life to see if it’s effective even in some small way or not.

I used the money example because it was the easiest one I could use.

To answer your other question: No, maybe it shouldn’t. In this reality there’s
a buffer of time. Things don’t come at the exact moment. If so, when you think
of a disaster it would immediately appear, and that would be somewhat unpleasant.
People generally can’t “control” their thoughts. It’s not about that.
It’s about guiding them.

And yes, emotions are very important. They show you whether you’re attracting
with your thoughts things, people, action, circumstances that you want or don’t
want. So, when you think of something that you don’t want, you’ll feel
fear, anger, doubt etc. and realizing that, you can change the course of your
thoughts so they attract what you do want.

Practice thinking about what you would like experiencing every day a couple of
times for a few minutes, and see what you feel.

Now, about the time buffer (again). If you consider the thing you want a big
thing, then it will take longer for it to manifest. It’s all about perception. What’s
an electric sitar to the Universe, God (whatever you like to call it)? It’s a drop in
the ocean. So if you think of it that way, as something that will come to you
easily, it probably will. But you have to make sure that your belief is stronger then
the doubt that might arise.

as a representative of potentialities
universal bliss
for instance

an electric sitar would aide me greatly in my experience of reality

ergo it is inevitable that it comes and lands in my lap in one way or another

i feel as though mayhaps I should find reasonable and agreeable and smooth employment, for the practice of daily zen and non-attachment, shining onto others,

a floral store, a sort of hallmark-esque store, a new-agey store, something that is harmonious and good to the aura

however this is not up to me but to the universe to land me there, for the electric “sitar” [which is an electric guitar with sympathetic strings and a bridge set up that it causes them to buzz] is much better arriving right now, today, for obvious reasons of enjoyment.

Ok, here’s an exercise that helped me…

Step 1:
Write a list of priorities in a notebook,
number one being the top priority.
Now, change your list every day, adding or removing
(perhaps changing details) things from your list.
And read your list three times a day, morning, noon and evening.

Step 2:
Actually think about the stuff from your list every day, in a way
i mentioned before. Which means thinking of the end result.

Step 3:
Don’t talk about your list to anybody except your Inner self.

Over time, you’ll notice that you removed some things because
they’re not so important like you initially thought. And that’s a good sign.
You need to make your goal as precise as possible. If you want money state
how much, if you want a car state what type and what color…
(material goods are the easiest examples for me to write with my knowledge of English, that’s why I’m using mostly these examples)

Another thing, when thinking, imagining and visualizing these things make it as
vivid as you can and stating that you are having/using/enjoying those things now.
And be sure that you state that you want it for the highest good of all people
included in the process of manifesting that goal.
(because you wouldn’t like having a piano land on top of your head and then getting the money you put on the top of your list from your insurance, now would you? :razz: )

EDIT: Hey Eyelids, I notice that you understand quite a lot of LoA from your other posts, but I have a feeling that you’re not actually using it or dislike it for some reason. Why is that?

I’m currently the kind of person that has tons of intellectual knowledge but it does him no good, as if storing up his treasures in Earth, rather than Heaven

I know a lot about it, and I haven’t really seen it work miracles just yet, so, this is why I write this way.

Aah, now I get it. In theory you understand it completely, but the practical side is what’s sort of bugging you. I had a period a while back when I grasped a whole lot of knowledge without the slightest idea how to use it… Now it seems to be unfolding a bit… But it’s hard… Changing the way you think, talk, act and believe. Spiritual growth is hard work. Mainly because you were taught to do it the opposite way your whole life. Hope you use your knowledge to your advantage soon…


so you are saying, only ask once ?

there seems to be a schism on this, some say to ask as much as you can, some say to only ask once.

I’m just going to post a link to Michael Losier’s YouTube channel that answers questions about the Law of Attraction. I watched a few of the videos and they’re pretty good. Click Here.

That’s interesting cresun, I never thought about it that way.
It seems like a great idea to simply raise your vibration with
that one thought and not think about it anymore…
But I seriously lack the mental discipline in this period of my
life, so I wouldn’t be able to not think of another thought that
may send doubt… I’ll stick to intentionally thinking about it all
the time mustering all the positive energy I can. One day when
my mind will be quiet enough I’ll try this.

Thanks for making me think :smile: