Using being sick to your advantage?

So, I am sure many people have had a cold, where you wake up during the night a lot. Since I have a cold now, I was wondering, has anyone ever used this waking up process as a WBTB type thing? I noticed that by waking up often (as I do with this cold) I remember about 5 dreams a night, vividly too. So I was wondering if anyone has LDed with a cold or ect.

I heard that freedom88 did. Apparently she got 7 in one night with that, if I remember correctly.

I believe i proposed this question a while ago, and didnt get much of a response, however i think i was talking more along the lines of stomach aches rather than colds.

I do believe that colds could help,

  1. because you do tend to wake up alot, and if your already a good WBTBer, then yes i think this would work great
  2. I dont know about everyone else, but when i have a cold i sleep better than i do when im healthy, so i think that this deeper sleep could help also with achieving lucidity.

oh im back btw hehe, schools getting hecktic, and my sleep schedual is kind of erratic, so i thought that coming back here would help me have a sleep schedual, and maybe i could study for some of my tests while i sleep :wink:

Using sickness to aid WBTB makes sense. but when you’re sick and you dream, you often get fever dreams, or at least I do. Intensly strange, hazy dreams, with almost zero chance of lucidity, though they are fun out of sheer oddity.

Last time I was sick, it was really easy to remember lots and lots of dreams… but now, even though I’m sick, I don’t really remember them all that well. But last time I was sick, it wasn’t a cold, and this time it is, so I don’t know…