~Using Crystals for Lucid Dreaming~

I’m thinking these stones that help you LD only really work through the placebo effect… but that’s just me :wink:.

Interesting topic! Thank you for finally posting it on LD4all :happy:

I never used stones to LD, I do have lemurian crystal, which I have dreamt with, it shows up in my dreams then, but not necessarily made me lucid.

I sleep with lapis lazuli, rose quarts, amethist on my nightstand, just because it comforts me (I love crystals :love:), I never used a crystal consciously for a LD though.

I feel ya, pasQuale, :wink:

It actually happened to me by mistake when I fell asleep with the moonstone pendant on lol. I wasn’t actually trying to LD. After it happened, I looked it up in my Crystal Bible book and it said moonstone enhances LD’ing. I have them without crystals but the moonstone made it extra vivid and it was harder to wake up from it. I just kept having FA’s.

I love crystals too! I have many of them. Jasper, different variations, is my favorite as well as rainbow fluorite.

VeeDreams, would you know about any good orgone sites that detail the pyramids? (the ones I knew are gone)

Hey, omega. :wink:

Here are a couple of good sites…

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Here is another one, scroll down to the pyramids.

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Both of these are pretty good detailed orgone pyramid sites.

I hope this helps. :smile:

I could (have) make (made) that stuff myself…If I had the materials.

What about fool’s gold, does that have any use for dreaming? (besides selling to people as a sourvenir)

I’m not sure if fool’s gold helps with dreaming. You could probably do a google search to find out. :wink:

What type of stone is your moonstone VeeDreams, like I mean, the scientific name or whatever? Maybe there’s some laying in my backyard, there’s a lot of rocks around here :smile:

Hey Josh, :wink:

I didn’t find my moonstone, such as a rock in my backyard. I actually buy them from a metaphysical/crystals shop that buy them from distributors that I believe get them from mines.

Here is a site that tells you some of the places moonstone can be found. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Here is a picture of a moonstone

I hope this helps.

Are Rubies commonly used at all?

Hey Soulshifter, :wink:

Do you mean are they used for dreaming and LD’ing?

I know that they are good for protection.

Ok so moonstones for dreaming…but does crystal quartz help? Isn’t it supposed to amplify any other crystal you use and exactly how are you supposed to use crystals anyway. How do you know if they are working? I have a rose quartz, and a clear quartz…What else is useful…for like positive stuff, besides moonstone, and if you are feeling real negative does it affect them?

Hey anamcara :wink:

Yes, you are correct clear quartz does amplify other crystals. So, using it with others can be helpful. You can use crystals in many ways. You can place them in your home and just feel their energies. You can hold them for several minutes or as long as you want and feel their energy. You can also meditate with them by holding them or laying them on your body. Crystals are very healing.

I don’t think you can affect them with negative energy, if anything the crystals will help decrease, shield from or take away any negative energy. Some crystals that do this are black obsidian, black tourmaline…

Rose quartz is great for the heart and heart chakra. It can bring love to you if you carry it with you or just have it in your home.

I hope this helps some… Feel free to ask some more. :wink:

Cool, Wezzard :wink:

I guess I was speaking on personal experiences with my crystals and the lack of negativity around them. Oops lol.

Passing them through sage smoke can cleanse them as well. I use white sage to cleanse my environment. Not from negativity but just becaue it seems to make my living space feel really peaceful.

Thank you guys:) …I just started with crystals so I’ll probably have a lot more questions :tongue: …Right now I think I’ll go pick up some for shielding against negativity and the moonstone

Hey anamcara :wink:

I’m glad to help! Black obsidian is one of the best for shielding against negativity. There are others as well.

Here is a great website with a lot of information on crystals. It is also the place I buy most of my crystals.

This is their crystal cleansing section…

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Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks VeeDreams, I used the sun for mine like the lady who sold them to me told me too…I guess thats the best way for what I have.I booked marked the page for any others I get. :smile:

That’s great anamcara! :wink:

The sun is a great way to cleanse them. Some of the more clear/crystal types of stones can fade in the sun. So just be causious. The solid stones won’t fade.

I’m glad you are getting into crystals. They are awesome!! :smile:

thanks for that cleansing link VeeDreams, very interesting :smile:

The crystals will tell what they need. My husband is more sensitive to this than i ('i’m too insecure to trust my feelings on this), so he’s like my interpreter. I’ll come up to him with one of my stones and say: what does he want? lol.

We took my big lemurian out to the beach one day and let it in the retreating see (what do you call it?) the waves went over it, but it was not too deep that it would be washed away. That was quite enervating.

For the rest i have buried, washed, smudged, put in sun, put in moonlight etc. Put in milk (jade).

Wow… I’ve been reading this over and over again. I’ve heard of people using crystals and things of that sort but the knowledge on this link is incredible.

I come from a background where crystals aren’t used but other things like candles, mojo bags, icons and stuff are. Not that I’m trying to degrade or offend anyone. Crystals are treated like pets? Do you have to nurture them, talk to them, etc…?