Very frusterating

ok well a lot of times this has happened to me:I’ll be in a dream,and i know that i’m dreaming.So basically ill be lucid.but the only problem is its all black.(as if i have my eyes closed)but i know im not awake because i can hear people around me talking,and sometimes im sitting down in a chair or standing up.And if i try to open my “dream eyes”,my eyes open in real life.How can i solve this problem,so i can see and enjoy more of my lucid dreams?

3 possibilitys,
1: rub your hands together
2: (stand up and) spin around
3: scream increase lucidity/brighten my dream(i think:P)

best possibility in this case: spinning around

option 1) Think of a new dream scenario while spinning, you wil be in one in a short moment

option 2) spin around, but just for the aim to get a FA :happy:

Something similar happened to me a couple of days ago. I woke up in the morning and did a RC which worked, so I thought it was a FA and tried to get up from bed, but all I could move was my arms. Then I realized that my real eyes were open at the same time as I could move my dream arms. Very weird cause the dream arms felt so real. I tried to look at them, but they were ofcourse invisible to my real eyes. Then I tried to rub my hands and close my eyes and yell (inside my head) “lucidity times 1000!”, but it remained black. I did manage to stand up beside my bed with my dreambody, still without seeing anything, but then I woke fully up.

Hi silverdreams14,

Whenever I have these black LD’s, I just try to keep focussed on what I do hear/sense/feel, etc. Keep walking around and usually in a few minutes there will come some vision. Also, if opening your dream eyes wakes you up, then dont :razz:. Good luck.

I agree with Xetrov. It’s an advice which has been given by Flo (an experienced LD’er) too on another forum.