Very odd WILD

I posted something awile ago and never got an awnser that explained it. This was a very wierd WILD, this is what happened.

I did the WBTB method and when i woke up tried WILD for 45 mins and gave up. I got up went to bathroom and laid in bed for a good 2 hours. I was moving, actually completly sat up almost in the dark and thats when I appeared in my living room. I was wide awake, sat up in bed from attemting to roll over, and suddenly was in a dream right in the process of moving. This dream was mega long and best LD ive ever had and included over 4 FA which all of them involved me trying to get back into the dream so it lasted a good 3 hours.

I guess I find it hard to believe I went completly in the dream state in the process of moving because i was “really tired”, i mean i was rolling over… So i guess im curious to why this happened and also if it could ever happen again from just sitting awake in the all hours of the night. Do you think this is a one time thing?

Maybe you dreamed you rolled over. FA’s can seem very real.

Hey, i tried it again last night and now im 2 for 2!. I went to bed at 10, woke up at 2:30, sat up, then went back to bed and laid there till about 4:30 when instantly I appear intot he dream. Takes tons of dedication but these are also my 2 best out of like 8

So do you not get SP or weird vibrations or anything? You are just lying there waiting and finally you snap into an LD?

well ya i do just snap into it… its very odd. I remember when though the HI and some HH hit and I was definatly int he dream moving in real life. I think my eyes were open but I definatly was not seeing my room. Anyway I was moving for a few secs after the dream popped up and when i relaxed i almost instantly went into SP and into dream within a second. So I prob had a SP just so fast i didnt notice