VVG3 signups 2020 edition are open!

oh btw when signing up it would help if you mention which VGs and which WG’s you played in :smile:

all info here MY WG AND VG HISTORY

i’m not writing it all out again :tongue:

Sounds very interesting. I’m up for it.

Hmm… Well WG 24 I think… VG 1 VG 2 VG 3 VG 4

… WG 27…I think… and maybe WG 28

Oh and the test VWG round :razz:

@BaYo: I feel you really need to have played 3WGs and 3VG’s so you are familiar with the rules… if we allow special invitations of people who haven’t really played WG/VG so much it will probably be too confusing for them…

WG/VG history :razz:
WG1 - sorc - don’t want to talk about it :tongue:
WG2 - vill, eaten by moogle :tongue:
WG5 (GM)
WG which i dont’ remember, but i was Qu - vill, eaten by wolf the wolf :tongue:
some WG in the Wild west - vill, eaten final night :razz:

VG1 - V3 (yay we won :bat: )
VG2 (GM)
VG3 - V3 :tongue: (died night 3)

Wolfgame 11: Dead Villager – day 4
Wolfgame 12: Surviving Wolf
Wolfgame 13: Surviving Villager
Wolfgame 14: GM
Wolfgame 15: GM
Wolfgame 16: Dead Villager – Night 2
Wolfgame 17: Dead Villager – Tie day 4
Wolfgame 18: Dead Wolf – Day 5
Wolfgame 20: GM
Wolfgame 22: Dead Villager – Night 2
Wolfgame 23: SIW – (but seer died on day wolves won)
Wolfgame 36:
Vampire Game 1: Vampire since night 4 (bitten in night 3)
Vampire Game 2: GM :tongue: :grin:
Vampire Game 4: GM

So in total 15 WGs and 4 VGs :grin:

WG 25 - villager win survived
WG 26 - villager lost died
WG 27 - wolf lost died

VG 1 - villager lost survived
VG 2 - villager (blessed) lost survived
VG 3 - villager … …

I’m allowed to join :happy:

Can i transform one of my numberless WGs to a VG then? :tongue:

no :tongue:

BTW: WG’s / VG’s in which you idled out (were killed due to idling) do NOT count towards the required games that are needed to be able to join VVG.

Magnus the Cook(believes in magic)
Sungam the Son(Magnus’s son didn’t believe in magic)
Magnus The Farmer(vegetarian wolf but he ate people)
Magnus Martinsson the Viking
Alton the Angel(former known as the viking)
Magnus the Mayor
Nitnelav the normal
Alton returned
Valentin the seventh son of a seventh son
Magnificus the storyteller
the dragon/the boy
Magnus the mayor
Narmo the wolf
Magnus the mayor
Parmandil the elf a healer
Nendil the cursed
Master Vampire
Lingwendil the fox

My list so I don’t repeat myself.
counting GMing as 2 games it adds up to.
20 WGs and 4 VGs

Yay, the GM is qualified :tongue:

Ok see not my fault… I uh… I was thirsty then I had to go to the bathroom and I was in #Wolfgame and mistook that for VWG channel and then your yelling at me and I get confused :razz:

I distinctly remember being EATEN :razz:

But yeah… Idled out sorta… It’s not official though so it does not go in any record of any kind.

/me still has a spotless record :happy:

WEll I HAVE to play WG28 now :razz: Just so I can play VWG

Yes, I’ll sign up. I PROMISE I’LL POST!

My playing history: * WG–16,

I’m currently playing nothing. I intend to play VG-14 and WG-40.

Note: GMed games marked with an *, so they count double.

Oh yes, my history.

VG-2 (Idled out)

So, excluding VG-2, I have 2 VGs and five WGs.

But I think this is okay (PLZ?! :shy: )

VVG one — Playing Intentions

Cleared Players

  1. Bayo
  2. Moogle
  3. pasQuale
  4. Sandra
  5. Ansie
  6. Magnus color=#ff6633[/color]

The “Uh–Oh” List

  • TRJR: History pending.
  • Duck: History pending.
  • Petter: 2 VG to go + Idling Reputation.
  • Ferret: 1 VG to go.
  • Angstyboy: History pending.
  • Shatterspike: 1 VG to go.
  • Bruno: 3 VG to go.

Don’t worry, Spike, there’s plenty of time until 13 people are actually clear to go. You’ll be out of the uh–oh list sooner than you think. :smile:

Wait, why does this require both 3 VGs and 3 WGs?

It seems like that goes a bit far.

(Just my opinion.)

my history

WG 25
WG 26
VG 1
VG 2-idle’d out (dunno if that counts)
VG 3

VVG one — Playing Intentions

Cleared Players

  1. Bayo
  2. Moogle
  3. pasQuale
  4. Sandra
  5. Ansie
  6. Magnus color=#ff6633[/color]

The “Uh–Oh” List

  • TRJR: 1 VG to go + 1 WG to go.
  • Duck: History pending.
  • Petter: 2 VG to go + Idling Reputation.
  • Ferret: 1 VG to go.
  • Angstyboy: History pending.
  • Shatterspike: 1 VG to go.
  • Bruno: 3 VG to go.

Officially: because if one hasn’t played enough of both, they’ll be confused by playing the two at the same time.

I have a hunch that there’s more to it. Since before I joined the forum, people have been talking about how it would be nice to have a game played only by “experienced” players, who wouldn’t just drop by every day to post their votes, and instead really dive into the game. Well, I think someone’s using VVG as the opportunity for that round to finally happen.

Think about it for a second: every time V/WG is played, there’s someone to spoil it. But sure, we’ve got to respect that, they’re playing a different way, they’re being strategical or something. Now think about VVG. That game is going to be one massive “God save us all” situation, if you know what I mean. If people go play it just for the sake of curiosity, with all the intention of not doing more than just voting every day, it will be a major failure. VVG was designed in a way it can only be fun if you really dive into it, get into the roleplay, take your time to analyse other players’ behaviour and lay out strategies… It was made to be played by experienced players!

The thing is, there aren’t enough experienced players (especially when it comes to VG) yet. That’s not a problem. We can wait. This game will, apparently, only be played in a good while from now. But regardless of that, anyone who has the intention of playing it should stay tuned in this topic, help set up the rule system and go play the pending games to be clear. I think that’s the big idea here. What do you think?

I love it that I’m on the cleared players list :rofl: :grin:

Holy Shit that is the most confusing shit i have ever seen in my entire life.

I’m fairly certain that this will degrade into all the villagers are dead and the vampires and wolves duke it out.
Like i said you can’t spell slaughter without laughter.

Dibbs. Though i have yet to do a WG i have done 3 VG’s

(Dibbs=let me in PWEASE!)