VVG3 signups > after years finally a next time ;P

Who should GM VVG1?

  • Magnus
  • Not pasQuale

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VVG Rules
VWG or as vampires would say VVG

Rules designed for 13 players
If you want to sign up you must have played 3 VGs and 3 WGs and not idled too recently.

VVG is WG and VG combined. Villagers against Vampires against Wolves.

This is more FUN than strategic but you can play to win if you want.

Roles (13 players)
3 Wolves
1 Sorc
1 Seer
1 MV
1 Priest
3 Garlic Vills
3 Villagers

(But not certain due to MV SEER, Wolf Priest and so on)
possible combined roles: (hope i didn’t forget any)
MV Seer, MV Sorc
Priest Seer, Priest Wolf, Priest Sorc
Vampire Sorc, Vampire Seer
Garlic Wolf, Garlic Sorc, Garlic Seer

MV wolf and vampire wolf aren’t possible.

You can also have blessed garlic wolves :wink: etc.

There will be no SIW or PIW or any other -IW :tongue:

Additional Rules * The game will begin at night

  • VG part begins at first Night.
  • WG part begins at first Day. (WG roles are handed out after Night 1)
  • A player can only have max 2 special roles.(1 from WG and 1 from VG) (well things as blessed garlic wolf exist but that is exceptions)
  • when infected, wolf turns into a vampire! (so no ‘vampire wolf’, just a full blood vampire)
  • Seer can only see WG-roles if he sees a vampire, garlic or a Priest that will look as a villager to him
  • Sorc can protect only against wolfbites, sorc can protect Priest, but only against wolves.
  • If vampires try to attack sorc or seer the person will become a vampire but he will still have his powers.
  • You get a role PM twice - first your VG role, then after game night 1 has ended you get your WG role.
    WG roles are assigned night 1 by GM (so not that GM already has assigned them on game start and only hands them out day 1)
  • The only player that can die at night from vampire attack remains the Priest - all other players can be infected (well if they aren’t garlic or blessed ofcourse :wink:
  • strong garlic
  • blessed kills youngest vamp
  • Make sure the GM have the right alive stats.(also known as “alive thingy”)

Vampires win, when there is no Wolves AND an equal amount of vills and vamps AT DAYTIME
Wolves win, when there is no vampires AND an equal amount of vills at Daytime(if sorc is alive.)
Villagers win when there is no vamps and no wolves.

Order of Nightactions:
Sorc Protects
Seer Sees.
Priest Blesses
Vampires Infect
Infected becomes Vampire
Wolves eat.

:bat: :wolf: :bat: :wolf: :bat:

This is the signuptopic, but it will take a while for VVG1 to start since players must have played 3 VGs and 3 WGs to be allowed to play.
But don’t worry about that if you signup here, there will be time to play the WG or VGs you miss before VVG1 starts.

I think that was all, any questions about the rules feel free to ask in this topic.

[Q edit] updated rules[/Q edit]

ummm i guess so

i thought this was a weird joke :tongue:

so would there only be one vote per day?
and wouldn’t there be conflict on who to vote for??
imagine a wolf priest or a vamp seer :spinning:

Wolf Priest and vampire seer is fun.

only one vote per day, yes. (It probably end to quickly otherwise)
Yes, conflict is the fun of it.
Vamps help vills to vote out wolves
Wolves help vills to vote out vampire.
So it’s basically
3 teams:
Villagers and

And other Fun thing is if wolves eat the vampire target :tongue:

GM: Magnus

  • TheRealJollyRoger

Ill join if i can !

(I have played 2 VGs only :meh: )

:truit: you idled too much petter…

/me signs up :tongue: :wolf: :bat:
:peek: for now, i don’t know if I can confirm depending on when game starts :tongue:

all possible double roles:
Priest Seer
Priest Sorc
Priest Wolf
MV Seer
MV Sorc
Garlic Wolf
Garlic Sorc
Garlic Seer

hmm so far in all the test games I haven’t seen a MV Sorc yet. The rest have all been done.

hint: from the alive thingy you must be able to deduct if there are any double roles. If the GM posts that right ofcourse :tongue:

Og forget you all. I wanted to be the first to sign up.

/me votes 'not pasQuale" Magnus has had more experience :razz:

We NEED to get Estok in this for one reason… His idea :razz:

ok I’ll sign up …
and there was an ebil plot …
now i have to sign up for the next vamp game too :tongue:

Ok, I sign up as well.

@S_F: What idea?

:bat: VVG signups GM: Magnus :wolf:


:bat: VVG signups GM: Magnus :wolf:

  1. TRJR
  2. Moogle
  3. Q
  4. Fluffy
  5. BaYo
  6. Duck

To get an idea of the dynamics in VVG check the testrun topic

by the way, in VVG garlics are announced, opposed to current VG’s

typical “alive thingy” looks like this:

Alive are 13 players:
1 sorc, 1 seer, 1 priest, 2 vampires, 3 wolves, 3 garlic, 6 vills

from which you can deduct there must be double roles :wink:

I want to join but I’m not able to access a computer everyday from 2 august till 14 august. (vacantion.) So when it is hold after or before then I will join :tongue:

I said it was a long wait before it start, it can start first when all signed up players have played 3 VGs and 3 WGs.

Pfft, 3 WGs

I think I chou.ld transfer my 4th VG to a WG :razz:

no, thou shalt play 3 WG’s :ebil:

did i mention that GMing a game counts for 2 games? :tongue:

So I got counts with fingers 9 WGs and 3 VGs. That qualifies me at least :tongue:

But I would say special invitations are ok as well, I won’t mind :smile:

oh btw when signing up it would help if you mention which VGs and which WG’s you played in :smile:

all info here MY WG AND VG HISTORY

i’m not writing it all out again :tongue: