Wahts wrong with my LD?

i had another LD the other night with more controll than i have had previously
it still suck how i dont ave complete controll over what i do not to mention the environment arround me.
plus my vision goes weak.
anyone know how to help my situation?

focus on the dream.
don’t say ‘‘O, no I can’t control it!’’, ‘‘I’m controlling it, it’s my dream’’ or something like that

SPIN! Then once your done with that, rub your hands. Walking thru walls also works, same with Stop, Drop, and Roll. Make sure you focus, and don’t be negative. Remember that this is all in your brain, so if think to yourself that you can’t control it, then your brain won’t let you. So say “I CAN control this. This is MY dream.” And then just to be sure, say something cheesy like “Increase lucidity now!” or “lucidity x1000!”
Don’t worry you won’t end up saying it in real life lol.