Waking Suddently

I usually get woken up by my alarm clock (very loud) or my roommate (also very loud :razz:) and i usually get woken up very suddently, like startled.

Does this affect DR?


it could, but if you relax for a bit after waking up you might remember some stuff. my alarm clock wakes me at 6;30am every weekday and sometimes i remember my whole dream, other times just the part before i wake.

I also have this problem. On weekdays when I wake up with the alarm I usually have much worse or no DR at all. :eh:

This is a problem I have all the time. That’s why my DR suffers during school. It depends on how tired I am when I’m awakened, usually. If it’s from an alarm clock, it’s usually not too bad. But if a noise wakes me up (i.e. someone in the hallway, or shouting, or thunder, etc.) I am usually startled and sometimes have trouble remembering because I’m preoccupied with my well-being. xD Normally, my house is pretty quiet, that’s why noises startle me so much sometimes.

Waking up with a startle more than 90% of the time is one symptom of Narcolepsy.