Wanna start a rebellion? :)

I been thinkin a lot recently about how much the system sucks and uses us to make the government richer, while they start all sorts of krazy wars and build the real WMD paid by our tax’s which suck.

They need the general population to support this though, if we all turn against them then the country grinds to a halt and the governments gotta listen, and if they try to stop us fight to the death :happy:
We will probibly all get killed or arrested trying it but if we can get enough people to do it would be extreamly costly and would badly damage these evil empires econamies, it would show them that we’d rather die than be there slaves to there insanity, i prefare the idea of dying on a battlefield opose to getting old anyway :smile:

Round up the politicians, teachers, cops and all these other so called authority figures n burn them :tongue:

So lets get down to bussiness, we’ll need guns, bombs, a lot of beer, a toyota pick up truck n maybe some maps and more beer :smile:

P.S. Im under the influnce of RATM music and various narcotics just now and thought i’d go recruiting guerilla’s :cool:


reminds me of the Simpsons where Homer is undercover for the FBI or something for some reason, related to tax fraud I think…

Homer:So, has anyone committed any crimes lately?
Moe: What you mean like the time you punched ex president Bush in the face?
Barney: Gee homer, do you want to commit a crime or something?
Homer: Maybe, but first I need to hear some other people’s crimes to get me going.

or something like that… the FBI ends up running in and arresting someone as soon as they say something.

RATM = best. band. evar.

Genocide is such a moving song.

The system REALLY suks for me…i miss out on a lot of money my friends can get…stupid crap. Just cos I was born in july. I’ve screwed em over plenty of times, whenever i can…but they still act like twats. I hate ppl with power, they never do anything worthwhile.

When I’ll be under the influnce of RATM music and various narcotics I’ll think about it. I’ll post the results here. :wink:

For now we can start with using the Thirteen Moon Mayan calendar instead of the Gregorian one :content:

I know how we can overthrow the system…

We all need to shake our fists in anger at the establishment!!!

By doing this in unison, it is bound to somehow distort the space time continuum and bring about the apocalypse.

shakes his fist in anger at the establishment

Well, I take it we’re all talking about the American System, I think bush makes so many unnessisary and terrable things happen; like the war on ‘terrorism’. How often do you even hear about the terrorism part of the war anymore? or the weapons of mass destruction?
Bad as Iraq’s government was before I cease to see how having bush running a dictatorship there is any better? I don’t see how bush can say he’s into democracy and then basically destroy a countries government without the peoples permission and not give them a chance to get a new government. Maybe I’m missing something that ties it all together, but I don’t see how that’s any better than a dictatorship

[color=indigo]I wasn’t talkin bout america…but any system **** the system!

Sings SOAD
**** the system **** the system

Sings RATM

**** you I won’t do what you tell me, **** you I won’t do what you tell me


sorry :bored: [/color]

Well looks like we have a rebellion underway, wont be long now before the feds give us all a visit thus i have being preparing a counter messure, so far i have a peice of string, a couple of old buttons and a rolled up news paper ready to take them down, lets see them get passed that kinda bombardment :happy:

Well i couldent get the beer, the guns or the bombs nor a pick up truck :neutral:

I have came up with a new idea for war vehicle, what about turbo charged armoured skateboards? :smile:

P.S. Black Sabbeth - War pigs What a song :grin:


You don’t need no rebellion.

You’re in a democracy. Just put up your own candidate, if the people are with you they’ll elect him/her. Then you’re in the government and you can change things from within.

That’s what the Nazis did.

The people are stupid.

The Nazis took advantage of that stupidity.

Bush is a Nazi (or he is slowly becoming one!)

We, on the other hand, are the minority, how do we take advantage of the ignorant, or sometimes downright vehemently stupid, majority, when they are already enchanted in Bush’s eloquent speeches about “freedom”, “liberty”, “evil” , and “terror”?

We = terrorist lovers.

We do.

When the majority of the country considers you a terrorist lover there’s not much you can say to sway them.

But are they a majority? Or are most of them brainwashed but still open to reason?

At any rate, I’d like to see you try to compete with FOX News and CNN… I mean, you think what they want you to think. It’s very efficient, that’s why it works.

Use a national “tragedy” (i say that becuase the evidence is sketchy behind 9/11 and Bush and his team sure didn’t try too hard to stop it… it’s suspicious) to your advantage to rally patriotism, right, that’s a good thing.

but then you use that blind support for your own selfish gains, and you use it to strip freedom away, by blanketing your destruction of civil rights with a patriotic name… THE PATRIOT ACT YAY!! Then you create a black and white mentality (everyone already has one, the reaction to 9/11 being KILL KILL KILL) and use it (you’re either with us or against us) to let your puppets know that anyone who questions the government is not a true patriot.

I mean.

It’s simple. Hitler was great at it. Bush is great at it… it’s not that hard if you’re rich and willing to ruin any innocent lives that stand in your way.

It’s not that hard when you make it legal to suppress the media, who is already largely conservative.

I dont’ know how this all got set into motion really, but I know most facets of the system that we hate seemed to have been instilled by conservative republicans over the years… I mean, what, Reagan started the trend of neverending wars with the war on drugs… right? He started the stupid star wars thing… or was that the other Bush?

I don’t know.

I just know something isn’t right when your list of presidents goes

Bush, Clinton, Bush… something isn’t right at all.

Now if Bush loses this which he probably will, that could break that cycle, if he gets reelected we will see Hillary run in 08, and even though she’s a woman and many conservatives call her “liberal” (i’m not sure about that) I think she could win it… especially if Bush screws up big in his next 4 years, which he will (THINK DRAFTING!!!)

The problem therein lies that we are in a beat Bush mentality, we dont’ care who beats him, and so the only sane choice is Kerry… now I voted in the primaries, for Kucinich… okay, but… Kerrys sudden rise to popularity was suspicious, and the public flips out because Dean so happened to be passionate about politics? It was funny, it’s no reason to stop liking him…

I just found the whole Kerry rise to power thing suspect…

So it looks like this: Vote for a skull and bones… or vote for a skull and bones.

Man what a good variety!

I don’t know if there is some massive occultist conspiracy going on here, but the # of presidents who are in secret societies bothers me… and I’ve heard most presidents we have had are loosely related to each other and have ties to starting illumanti dynasties… so… it’s not good for my paranoid brain to hear that.

But the thing of it is, we’re screwed…

I don’t like Kerry a lot, but I don’t think I can afford to vote Nader… if I have to choose between a man who wants to be able to put me in a concentration camp, and man who says “hey, that isn’t so cool”, I’m choosing that man.

I live in OKLAHOMA so it doesn’t really matter at all though. It will still be a close vote though, but I hate the electoral college system… maybe if I can win my parents over by constantly showing them the news stories that they hide from by watching mainstream news… and then… they could win other people over…

It just scares me though. This country is going down, and it’s going down fast… I’d rather it go down full of freedoms like we are supposed to have than in a police state.

Yes, we are all screwed. do yourself a favour and get out of america and into somewhere quiet becaus theres gonna be a whole lot of crap going on a few years from now.

Personally i beleiv the s*** really is about to hit the fan and so i want to get as much done as possible before someone stupid comes along and nukes me.

I dont think theres much hope of the human race surviving, Were all going to kill each other and it will be one of the best things thats happened to this planet in my opinion.

How much will you pay us? :smile:

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power.”

i wonder who would fail that test…

probably 99% of the world. most people are so fuckin ignorant that they don’t have any hope for a true democracy at all, and pretty much the whole society has been brainwashed from day one, so no one has got much left of their intuition, and most haven’t got any sence of logic at all. by this i mean all those who are religious, as all religions to date are total bull. they have all been proven wrong. eksample; christians, god created the universe 5000 years ago, earth proven to be millions of years old, big bang dated to about 13 billion years ago, or something like that.

i truly think that if we don’t get rid of mukes once and for all, were going to destroy ourselves. we should send all our nukes in to space, and send them to jupiter or something…

Rage rocks :cool:

Rebellion? Just vote decent politicians, they must exist somewhere :bored:

yeah… i tried that

my canditate got .1% of the vote.

Yippee Skippy. Change is coming!

maybe it was 1%… who knows.

No where is safe man, Canada? No, if the US gets nuked Canada deals with potential falllout, they deal with a huge insurgence of refugees, the US will make them their bitch and make them do all sorts of horrible things to their people because the US will turn into a police state and go crazy on all immigrants and probably put up a great wall or something.

The thing is the terorrist LEADERS aren’t stupid enough to nuke us unless they “know” they are going to die and we are going to take over the entire middle east. So if we mind our own damn business it shouldn’t happen, but there a lot of individual terrorISTS out there that might be willing to, if someone rich and insane bought one…

Who knows.

No where is really safe, maybe some isolated island or something… but… there’s nothing we can do… we look in a decent boat for this whole impedning climate disaster which according to the pentagon “may be too late to prevent” but…large hunks of the world don’t, it could result in nuclear warfare…

Who knows. Maybe 2012 will come, and we’ll all ascend as a species… something will save us… rather than a traditional end of time with mass death.

Who knows…

also imagine how bad it would be if every sane person fled the US to Canada, the US would basically see Hitler rise to power, Bushie is on the track there, but, if the religious right and hicks and poor immigrants were left to “decide” what the country can do… their powers would be unheard of…

(sorry for the stereotypes, most ultra conservo religious folk aren’t too sane, ala Rush Limbaugh endorsing our tortures of Iraqis… and well, aside from the anti-govrenment ones, a lot of hicks are similar minded in nature…)

Yeah generalizations, I know… I just live in a bad state.