Want to help writing tutorials & FAQ's?

I haven’t been joined for too long, only seven months, but I know quite a bit about lucid dreaming. I have been reading up, and studying it leisurely for about five years now. I love to read, and write! Writing is one of my biggest hobbies, and I have been doing it for years. I know that I haven’t been on this site for too long, however I would really love to be a scribe if I could! :astral:

By the way… Is this topic still up and running at all?

Alright, I’ve been a little intimidated, but I’d like to apply to be a scribe. I often find myself lurking around old guides and topics, and I love searching through them for useful information. I’m a pretty good writer, and I can be well organized. Also, I’ve noticed that we don’t have an article about dream teleportation, though it’s mentioned in passing. I’d enjoy writing an article on that, if possible, because I’ve spent a lot of lucid dreams working on it. And there are a few other subjects I don’t think have been as well covered. Anyway, thanks for reading :smile:

Welcome to the Scribes, MagykKatte.

Here is your key :razz:

Thank you Eilatan :smile:

Thanks Q and Eilatan!! :smile:

I would love to be a scribe in the future. I need to develop my writing skills a bit more first though :razz:

^ I would like to be a scribe at some point since I have good writing skills, but I don’t have much experience with dreams and LDing, let alone the useful post count. Is there some sort of skill combining service that we could find? XD

I would like to be a scribe. I obviously don’t have the 50 useful post count, but I am very good and thorough with researching a topic. I am a Psychology major in college and my GPA is above 3.8. My writing skills are pretty decent, and should suffice for writing FAQs and tutorials. Additionally, I have taken to lucid dreaming pretty well and am averaging over the last few months about 2-3 LDs a week. Considering I’ve only been LDing on purpose for a couple months, I think I am doing reasonably well, though in many of the lucids I lack a large degree of control.

Personally, I would be interested in writing an article on Dream Control. As I search around on the forums here and elsewhere, it can be hard for me to find how to do certain things in a LD. I would like to compile a list of the top ten things that LD4all members would like to learn how to do in their LDs, and write a thorough article that compiles all of the ideas that are out there on how to perform the techniques. For example, although there are a lot of posts on how to shapeshift, I would like to make it so that this article would have all of the different methods that people recommend to shapeshift, that way the information is more centralized and not so scattered.

Eagerly awaiting your response,
HeadInTheClouds :hyper:

Welcome HeadInTheClouds! :hyper:
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Do you have to be a scribe to write a tutorial/FAQ?

I would be interested in writing about the various gadgets that help with lucid dreaming, such as the Remee, WildMan, the LD mask by Nate True, and my very own DreamLamp; but I don’t have the 50 useful post count, nor the “member for a long time.” This has been something I have been researching for a while, and seems to be under represented in the Knowledge Base.

I am interested in LD gadgets, but I don’t think I want to write a lot of FAQ’s/Tutorials. Could I just write one guide, then stop? If I’m not a scribe, then can I still get my guide in the Knowledge Base?



Hi theevil, some guides in the FAQ’s and Articles weren’t written by scribes. These threads were taken from other sections of the forum, and were considered useful posts for everyone. If you write up such a helpful guide and post it on the forum, and others are helped by it, it may also be placed in the FAQ’s or Article Space.

Ok, Thanks for your answers. :smile:
I’ll continue to research various gadgets that help with LDing, and possibly write a FAQ on them soon.

I would love to write articles for LD4all!
Here’s my application.

It might seem like I’m very new to this forum. Just in case you were wondering, I have been having an account on the Dutch forums since March 19th 2012 :wink:

I love how dreams work. Therefore, I’m trying to learn about it as much as I can. I try to analyze my dreams, and to find their meanings. I always stumble upon amazing factors of the dream that I’ve overlooked, and might be essential to the way I feel or events that have happened before. You could call it a revelation :wink:
I also really love writing. The only downside to it is that English is not my main language, although I think it is good enough to write full and detailed articles about my experiences and/or the experiences of lucid dreamers in general.

Working together with other scribes wouldn’t be any problem to me. I am very curious about the way they experience lucid dreaming, or anything related to it. Also, I believe that when there are multiple persons sharing things about one subject, they can fill each other in, and keep learning about each other.

Last but not least, I have already started making tutorials about lucid dreaming; on YouTube. I don’t know if I am allowed to put links or videos about those here, since it’s advertising, but if you are interested, look for Raizufull on YouTube.
They are not only tutorials, but I also try to share my personal opinion and the way I look at things in the lucid dreaming community. I have not been doing this for years, but I am starting to fill that channel up with quite some videos. :wink:

Another downside might be that I am only 16 years old, so I still have to do homework etc.
I hope the application looked okay! :happy:

Hiya Raizu. Thank you for your application. Here’s your key :happy:

I just did a Reality Check to see if I actually became a Scribe! :smile:
Looking forward to getting started :content:

I’d considered applying to the Scribes in the past, but felt like I wanted to be sure I could exert effort towards LDing in general before I put in the application. However, I now feel that I’ve been through enough to actually apply.

I’ve had an account on LD4all for just over three years, with most of that time spent lurking unless I had something relevant to LDs to post. I’ve been in IRC for a good chunk of that time, and I tend to attract plenty of newcomers who seek me out the instant they enter IRC each day (e.g., TomLink and Kevin) for advice. I have several people like this all at once back in August, and thus several people prodded me about writing with the Scribes. At the time, I felt like I could dispense plenty of anecdotal evidence and advice, but I hardly followed my own words.

About a month ago, I was inspired by several people to get serious about LDing again, and I made it a personal mission to LD so that I could show them the fruits of that inspiration. As time passed, I began to notice that I was instead paying it forward; my LDing success became an inspiration for different people. I made the decision to continue paying it forward, and I feel that assisting LD4all as a whole via working with the Scribes on articles, both by supplying my viewpoints and by reconciling them with those of other Scribes, would be a great way to provide information to all aspiring lucid dreamers here.

LD4all members that know me well know that I have a love of DILDs rather than WILD techniques that tend to throw novices for a loop, and know that I prefer passive dream control and dream stability over actively molding the dream. My recent successes have been brought about by more traditional LDing techniques like RCing, visualization, meditation, awareness, WBTB, and keeping a DJ. I feel that I can help to make these concepts attractive to novice LDers on the forum just as I have for many in IRC, particularly by speaking to the thought processes instead of just the techniques, and being in a group that is dedicated to stating the facts about LD induction seems like a natural fit.

I hope to hear back soon – I’m definitely ready to get involved if allowed. :smile:

Congratulations Thorn, you are now a scribe!

Here is your Key

Just wanted to remind everyone that the Scribes are always hiring.

If you wish to be a Scribe, please apply in this topic and do not send requests to the usergroup, as those are promptly destroyed.


Here I am! :peek:

The “fastest” or “longest” application ever, depending on how you look at it.

I am Stefano and I am 13 years old and I have autism. I like computers and phones but I also like lucid dreaming.
I like to make a article about lucid dreaming, false awakening, hypnagogic hallucinations, sleep paralysis etc